Corbara Professional Wear

For over three generations, we have produced professional wear for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars, offering our customers an unparalleled assortment of products in the field of hotel clothing. We manufacture our work clothes exclusively at out factory in Salerno, which makes it true "Made in Italy".

To make browsing among the many items (about 1000) present on the site an easy experience, we have grouped our uniforms into various categories, each of which corresponds to the various tasks of the hotel industry.

Follow the links on this page or browse between categories using the menu at the top, to access all of our products.

Front Office Uniform

A section dedicated to Reception Uniforms: therefore clothes and suits for both men and women, with relative accessories such as ties and ascots. Many of these uniforms can be used also by facility managers like, for example, the Director, the F&B and the Housekeeper. In some cases, the Maitre d' can use a dark colored suit with vest, as an alternative to the Maitre uniform.

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Porter Uniforms

Dedicated to hotel uniforms par excellence, such as Jackets and Accessories for Porters. Often referred to also as doorman or bellboy, these professional figures require more representative clothing, complete with essential accessories such as, for example, hat with visor, braid with whistle.

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Housekeeping Uniform

This area of the website is completely dedicate to Uniforms for Housekeeping: with a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics to suit those who look for elegance and style in a dress, or a smock that is simple and functional... and cheap!. As with all the categories, there are matching accessories: aprons, cardigans and crests

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Bar and Restaurant Uniforms

This includes all Bar and Restaurant Attire: from the more classic jackets, intended for the hotel restaurant, to aprons, the newest and most modern items used in the more "trendy" bars and restaurants. This naturally includes waiter's vests available in both plain colors and pinstripe, maitre jackets and sommelier uniforms.

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Kitchen Clothing

Among out hotel uniforms, there is a place of importance dedicated to the Chef's Uniform both for the assortment of models and for the quality of the items proposed: from the Gran Maestro jacket, a piece par excellence, to Grand Prix jacket, all our Chef Jackets are used and appreciated by professional cooks. Also discover our Kitchen Aprons, hats and cook trousers.

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If you do not find a product in the color or model you are looking for, remember that we also produce personalized items based on specific customer requirements; contact us by entering your details and your request in the contact form contact form.