Chef Clothes: our chef uniforms.

White and Black Chef Jackets with carry-overs and colored trims, Cooking aprons both white and colored, footwear, caps and all the other various Accessories, if you are a professional chef then this section on chef’s clothing is all for you.

Corbara Chef Clothes

In the sub-categories Gran Maestro Series, Accademia Series and Master Chef Series, we propose our more important chef jackets for the quality of the fabric and the finish. These Jackets are designed for Executive Chefs and Sous-Chefs.

In the sub-category Classic and Gran Galà Series you will find our classic chef jackets, at an unbeatable price for quality, and our Gran Galà line with jackets for men and women.

In the sub-category Grand Prix Series you will find chef jackets and coordinated aprons in bright colors and designs, ideal for a young and modern kitchen, or for making an "effective entrance".

In the sub-categories Short Sleeved Jackets and Dishwasher, we propose the short sleeve jackets and jackets and coats for sous chefs, pizza makers and kitchen help.

In the sub-categories Aprons, Trousers, Footwear and Caps and Bonnet Hats, you will find the natural accessories to complete these Jackets: kitchen Aprons with and without bibs, Trousers, Footwear and Chef Hats.

In the category Kitchen Accessories, we introduce various accessories, such as buttons for chef jackets, kitchen towel, neckerchiefs and personalized embroidery that complete this section on Chef Clothing.

Subcategories Kitchen

  • Gran Maestro Series

    Corbara’s Chef Uniforms: quality and class without compromises with Gran Maestro line.

    Here are our top-class jackets, dedicated to the kitchen professionals:
    - Gran Maestro man Jacket, available in black and white, and Dama women Jacket, available only in white, both with the stars embroidered on the collar and Corbara’s logo embroidered tone on tone on the sleeve; these jackets represents the ideal choice for those who prefer a quality jacket that can be customized with their logo and name.
    - Best Chef Jacket, available both for men and for women. It’s designed on the basis of Gran Maestro Jacket, but is delivered complete with several embroideries: tricolour on the collar, a fine “Best Chef” embroidery on the right, the “Italy” embroidery in the heart zone and embroidery of your name above the pocket.
    - Slim fit Jacket Rodrigo (for man) and Isabel (for woman), available in white only, dedicated to those who prefer a more contemporary and tight fit jacket.

    The Gran Maestro, Dama and Best Chef Jackets, are made with Comfort Satin “Cotton on the Skin”, a premium Gabardine that ensures the best comfort and looks like “new” after many washes too; the fabric is not the only added value of these garments: in fact, the jackets have an underarm micro-mesh airing insert and another micro-mesh insert with comfort pleat on the back to ease the user's movements during his/her work.

    The Rodrigo and Isabel jackets instead, are made with Flamingo Stretch Gabardine, a stretch cotton gabardine with a little percentage of elastic fibre (96% Cotton, 4% Elastane). If compared with the classic pure cotton, this fabric allows to make more comfortable garments: the stretch fibre, in fact, makes the operator’s movements easier, while the natural fibre ensures a perfect transpirability even in the hottest environments.

    To complete this line of chef uniforms we suggest Executive Chef Apron, Gran Maestro Apron and Italia Apron, all long models with cuff.

  • Accademia Series

    Corbara’s Chef Clothing: discover the modern Accademia series of Jackets with side buttoning.

    Dedicated to the kitchen brigades of the most modern facilities, the Accademia clothing series for chefs includes several chef's jackets with practical side buttoning, which creates an unpredicted and impressive look.

    These models of jackets proposed:
    - the Accademia Jacket with particular gray border on the collar and sleeves, is made of 50% cot. 50% pol. “cotton on the skin” Comfort Satin;
    - the Alex Chef Jacket, made of lightweight 50% cot. 50% pol. Soft-feel gabardine (white), with the particular black insert on the collar and the six black stud buttons;
    - lastly the Simon Chef Jacket, a minimalist style with side buttoning and snap fasteners; available in black and white, is made of 50% cot. 50% pol. “cotton on the skin” Comfort Satin.

  • Master Chef Series

    Corbara’s Chef Uniform: discover the unique style of the Master Chef Jacket and Apron.

    This chef uniform is dedicated to those who prefer a jacket with a unique and recognizable style: the Master Chef Jacket, in fact, is different from the classic jacket because of the special side buttoning, with three stud buttons in view and hidden snap fasteners; the outer buttons and the outlines on the neck and arm sleeves give a pretty touch of colour.

    There are three colour alternatives: the white of the jacket can be matched with Black, Burgundy and Royal buttons and outlines. The Master Chef jacket is made of lightweight 50% cot. 50% pol. Soft-feel Gabardine, a comfortable and wash-guaranteed fabric.

    In order to complete this chef uniform, an accessory is essential: the Apron, available both in the white version with borders coordinated with the jacket and in the contrasting one – with white border – for those who prefer a coloured apron. The aprons are made of wrinkle free 100% polyester Gabardine Plus.

  • Classic & Gran Galà...

    Corbara’s Kitchen Wear: choose the advantages of the Tradizionale Jacket and the style of the Gran Galà series.

    This selection of kitchen wear, dedicated to all those who prefer a jacket with a classic and linear style, includes two models:

    - the Tradizionale Chef Jacket, white with matching stud buttons, is made of Margherita Gabardine, a lightweight pure 100% cotton fabric. This jacket, also because of its affordable price, is suitable for kitchen students and apprentices;

    - the Gran Galà Chef Jacket, with matching stud buttons, is available in white for both the men's and women's model and in black only for the women's one. The Gran Galà Jacket is made of 50% cot. 50% pol. Comfort Satin Gabardine; this “cotton on the skin” fabric is very lightweight, breathable and at the same time resistant to washes. This garment, despite its simplicity, thanks to the premium fabric is suitable for the Sous-chef.

  • Grand Prix Series

    Corbara’s Chef Uniforms: lively style with the colourful jackets and aprons of the Grand Prix series.

    Created for an international patisserie grand prix – the name “Grand Prix” derived from it – this selection of chef uniforms is suitable for those chefs, ice-cream chefs and pastry chefs who prefer a colourful and visually striking style; in fact, the white of the jacket is matched with a range of colourful details (collar with tricolour outline, buttons, pocket, “Corbara” embroidery on the sleeve, etc.); the coordinated Apron recalls the colour of the collar and has a tricolour border on the cuff.

    The uniform is available in two shades: in Golden yellow for the Grand Prix uniforms and in Blue Royal for the Gran Royal uniform.

    This series of chef uniforms is completed by the Opera Chef Jacket, similar design of Grand Prix with colourful collar, buttons and pocket, but with profile on the collar in white (instead of tricolour outline). The Opera Jacket is available in two colours: Burgundy and Brown, with the Gran Maestro Aprons in the same colour of jacket collar.

  • Short-Sleeved Jackets

    Corbara’s Chef Jacket: choose the practicality of the pure 100% cotton short-sleeved models.

    In this section our short-sleeved chef jackets are proposed; they are all made of a cool pure 100% cotton gabardine called Margherita Gabardine, except the Achille Jacket made in cotton and polyester.

    These models of jackets proposed:
    - the Ettore Jacket, a short-sleeved classic model with plastic fixed (stitched) buttons, for a simple and linear style.
    - the Loris Jacket, a very comfortable garment with a particular collar made of a blue and white jersey fabric (the same insert of the sleeves), dedicated to those who require both comfort and elegance.
    - the Renè Jacket, with royal blue collar and stud buttons and the tricolour outline, dedicated to those who require, even in the short-sleeved jacket, the most elaborate style, typical of the long-sleeved ones; to this garment is matched the Renè Apron, in the same colour of the jacket with the same name, made of wrinkle free 100% pol. Gabardine Plus.

    The series is completed by the Achille Jacket, modern variant of chef's jacket with short sleeves and classic buttoning, made of 50% cot. 50% pol. “cotton on the skin” Comfort Satin.

  • Dishwasher

    Corbara’s Kitchen Wear: discover our offers for the dishwasher.

    In this page we present the Kitchen wear dedicated to the workers in charge of the cookware and utensils washing and to kitchen labourers:

    - the Blue Giorgio Jacket, suitable for the kitchen labourers, made of resistant 65% polyester 35% cotton Remy Gabardine, which can be matched with the Mario Trousers, of the same colour and fabric.

    - the White Giulia Coat (women's model) and the Daniele one (men's model), suitable for the general kitchen workers, made of lightweight 65% pol. 35% cot. Pratico Poplin, in the classic long-sleeved model. Only for the women's model is available also the short-sleeved version.

    - the Waterproof Apron, made of strong PVC, very wide and essential for the dishwasher who are repeatedly in contact with water.

  • Kitchen Aprons

    Corbara’s Kitchen Aprons: choose the more suitable apron model for your kitchen staff.

    Suitable for modern kitchen brigades the striped Pescara and Riccione Aprons, available in two striped patterns: blue and black. These apron are both with bib but of different dimensions, the first one suitable for women (cm A 70 x L 65) and second for men (cm A 100 x L 75).

    Available in White and in modern shades, Black, Blue and Dark Grey, we propose other three model of apron for chefs and kitchen staff:
    - Crotone Apron, classic chef apron without bib (cm A 55 x L 75);
    - Barletta Apron, more without bib but in bigger dimension (cm A 80 x L 90);
    - Desio Apron, with bib (cm A 85 x L 70), normally used by the assistant chefs.

    Lastly, in order to complete this selection of cook apron, the PVC waterproof apron, an apron of big dimensions essential for the washer-up.

    Look at the various categories dedicated to the chef jackets too: you will find other chef aprons matched with the jackets.

  • Trousers

    Corbara’s Chef Clothing: Black, Striped or Checked... what do you prefer?

    In this selection of chef clothing dedicated to trousers we suggest the Reno Trousers, with a modern striped fantasy available in black and blue, and the Time Trousers, with a checked fantasy that does not escape notice; to those who are fond of the classic houndstooth check, we present the pure 100% cotton Classic Chef Trousers, the blend fabric Chef Trousers With Elastic Band and, mainly for women, the Female Chef Trousers and the Female Chef Skirt.

    For those who prefer the elegance of black, there are the Eris Trousers with adjustable waist (women's Lisitea model) and the Executive Trousers with the particular white side border, while for those who use white trousers in the kitchen, there are the pleated Arturo Trousers, the jeans Mario Trousers, and the Andrea Trousers with laces.

    To complete this selection of chef's trousers, the Mario Trousers in blue color, ideal for the dishwasher and kitchen labourers.

  • Footwear

    Corbara’s Kitchen Wear: discover our chef shoes and all the colours of the Calzuro® clogs.

    In order to complete your kitchen wear, choose the footwear you prefer:
    - the safety CE Chef Shoes, available in White and in Black, are produced with an outstanding micro-porous material which gives a great breathability and the maximum comfort to the feet; lightweight and with a wide and well-fitting shape that allows the feet to maintain a natural position without fatigue, they are machine washable at 40° C. The chef shoes have composite toe cap and non-slip sole for a perfect grip to any type of floor (norms and certificate: EN ISO 20345:2011 - S1 SRC).

    - the Calzuro® Clogs, CE certified, ensure a high comfort thanks to the auto-massaging insole and are 100% machine washable, as the resistance and comfort are not impaired. The milled sole is tested to ensure stability on slippery surfaces too. The Calzuro® have a wide and comfortable shape and are available in different colors, in the version Calzuro Classic with upper holes and the new version Calzuro Light without holes in ultra-light material.

    - the leather and rubber Clogs with non-slip sole and upper openwork for a correct foot breathability. They are a cheaper choice suitable for a non intensive use.

  • Caps & Bonnet Hats

    Corbara’s Chef Uniforms: discover the selection of chef caps and kitchen hats.

    In this selection you will find all the types of kitchen headgears, essential to complete the chef uniform's appearance and comply with the laws in force:

    - Chef Cap, available in lightweight pure 100% cotton fabric as for the Classic model, of TNT non woven fabric and paper (standard and Ovale), in order to satisfy the most demanding chefs.
    - Toque Saucier, beanie available in different colours, appreciated in the most modern kitchen brigades for its practical and contemporary style.
    - Monsù, available in two heights (high and short), is a fabric chef hat, dedicated to those who prefer a classic-rétro style.
    - Women's Bonnet Hat and men's Forage Hat, completely made of cotton and with airing mesh, it’s the classic hat for assistant and commis chefs.
    - Bandana, available in white, black, striped blue and striped black, it’s not a classic kitchen headgear, even if it has been appreciated in the last years, above all by young people.

  • Kitchen Accessories

    Chef Uniform Accessories: Name Embroidery, Spare Buttons, Kitchen Towels and Neckerchiefs.

    In this selection we present our service of embroidery customization, aimed at customizing the chef uniform with your name and surname (name embroidery) with the addition of the laurel and the tricolour too (laurel and name embroidery).

    Moreover, we suggest the spare Stud Buttons, fitting to all our chef jackets with stud buttons (to complete or replace the standard ones on our jackets), available in many colors and sold in 10-pack packages.

    This series of chef uniforms is completed by the Chef Neckerchief, made of a very lightweight cotton poplin and the chef Kitchen Towel, made of a resistant herring-bone fabric.


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