Custom Workwear

  • Custom Uniforms

    To make your business uniforms unique, you can request the customization service; all our garments can be embroidered with your logo: from waiter aprons to chef jackets, from housekeeping dresses to polo shirts.

    There are different customization techniques: embroidery, screen printing, transfer; among these we always recommend embroidered customization, because it is a technique that guarantees very refined and long-lasting results, even on garments subjected to frequent washing.


    workwear with logo

    As with production, the embroidered customization service is also carried out internally; we have several industrial machines with 4 and 8 heads (which perform 4 or 8 embroideries simultaneously) and single-head machines for prototyping.

    To reach the best result, we never embroider already made garments, but we produce them from scratch, embroidering the fabric before making the product; in this way, even if the delivery times are slightly extended, we only embroider the necessary part and avoid blocking any linings, pockets, etc. together with the embroidery.

  • How to Proceed

    To carry out embroidered customization, it is necessary to check the logo to be reproduced, as not all logos can be faithfully reproduced with the embroidery technique; for example, some logos with gradients, very small details, etc. need to be "optimized".

    For this reason, you will not find this service available for direct purchase on the website; instead, we ask you to send us an email with the logo to be reproduced and the products to be customized at and you will be quickly contacted by one of our specialists for graphic consultancy.


    How It Works

    The process starts from the vector format (e.g. .pdf or .ai) received from the client and, through specific software for industrial embroidery, the embroidery setup is created where the logo is transformed into embroidery points and segments; this process, called punching, is carried out by a graphic technician who, based on their experience, transforms the initial vector logo into a three-dimensional file for the embroidery machine.

    The file thus created is loaded onto the embroidery machine, where the operator performs the actual embroidery; before producing the garments, a test is done on the same fabric as the garment to be embroidered and, if the result is satisfactory, it is sent to the client for approval (only the first time), otherwise, it goes back to punching to optimize and/or improve the embroidery.

    • Logo received from the client

      Original Logo

    • Punching


    • Embroidered logo

      Embroidered Logo

  • Embroidery Costs

    € 3.00 + VAT per single embroidery (essentially each garment to be embroidered)

    Additionally, there is the setup or punching fee (paid only the first time) with indicative costs of:
    - € 70.00/80.00 + VAT for standard logos
    - € 100/120 + VAT for very complex logos.


    Advantages of Embroidery

    Durability and Resistance: embroidery is an extremely durable technique that withstands wear and washing, ensuring an impeccable appearance over time. Embroidered logos do not fade or deteriorate, maintaining their beauty even after numerous and frequent washes.

    Quality and Prestige: embroidering the logo gives uniforms a professional and polished look, conveying an image of high quality and prestige to your hotel or restaurant. Precisely embroidered details enhance the brand and emphasize attention to detail.

    Exclusivity: With embroidery, you can reproduce custom and original logos that perfectly reflect your brand identity. An embroidered logo makes your uniforms unique and recognizable, distinguishing you from the competition and strengthening your corporate image.

This page refers only to customization with the logo.

To create a simple name embroidery on chef jackets, you can visit the page Name Embroidery.