Work clothes for housekeeping.

In this category of the site we present our collection of work clothes for housekeeping, hence there are dresses, tunics, coats and service aprons. Two types of fabric: pure cotton, for those who want maximum comfort and the typical elegance of natural fiber, and polyester-cotton (50% cot. 50% pol. or 65% pol. 35% cot.) for those who prefer more durable clothes.

Divided by model, from Rebecca with a large pleat, to Dalia with the elegant shawl collar and 3/4 sleeves, our Dresses are available in various shades, from light for the morning to dark for evening touch ups.

In this collection of professional hotel apparel, we also offer the modern Tunics and Trousers, the Coats with a wider fit than dresses and Poncho Aprons in lively colours for those who prefer more practical and less demanding apparel.

Work clothes for housekeeping

In the sub-category Serena Series, we propose a selection of coats and tunics available in graceful striped pure cotton piquet.

In the sub-category Greta Series, you will find our more elegant hotel wear, with our finest dresses and tunics and trousers outfit, all made of pure cotton.

In the sub-categories Melania Series and Annalisa Series, we present our exclusive dresses - many of which are dark colored for evening service - and modern hotel tunics, made of mixed cotton and polyester fabric (50% cot. 50% pol.).

In the sub-categories Rebecca Series and Sonia Series you will find our coats in either plain colors or stripes, made in polyester and cotton.

In the sub-category Tunics and Ponchos we offer more casual apparel, such as Europe and Siria poncho aprons and Barbara tunics. In various colors, some of which bright, particularly suitable for summer resorts and facilities, all of which are made of polyester and cotton.

The Chambermaid Accessories category, where you will find a series of white aprons to associate with dresses and coats, crests and cardigans, completes this section of work clothes.

Subcategories Housekeeping

  • Serena Series

    Hotel Uniforms for chambermaids: Corbara presents the Serena series of pure cotton piquet.

    The Serena series proposed in this page, composed by a selection of coats and tunic suitable both for the city hotels and the summer resorts, has always been one of the most successful hotel chambermaid uniforms series according to our customers.

    Main garment of the line is the Serena coat, characterized by a classic and elegant style, which can be combined with the Ascea small apron coordinated in the same colours as the coat; while for those who require the best practicality, we offer the Barbara tunic, a garment with a more comfortable and younger style.

    All the garments of the Serena series are made of Rialto Piquet, a cool, resistant, pure 100% cotton fabric, with the classic “fine pinstripe” pattern. Three colours are available: Blue fine-pinstripe, Burgundy fine-pinstripe and Beige fine-pinstripe.

  • Greta Series

    Hotel Uniforms: discover the refined Greta series for chambermaids, made of pure 100% cotton.

    Proposed in a fine yarn-dyed pure cotton called Trevi Twill, the uniforms in this category are designed for the housekeeping staff of premium hotels.

    Refined and with an unpredicted design at the same time, the Greta dresses are made in the model with lower big pleat, in order to ensure a great movement comfort and avoiding inappropriate “bare legs”. Proposed in a particular striped pattern and in two elegant colour alternatives – brown and grey – the Greta dress is matched with the coordinated waist apron, the Ischia model, made of the same fabric and colour of the dress. Still in the same patterns and colours, we propose the Katia Tunic, a garment for those who prefer the use of pants for the housekeeping uniforms.

    To complete this line of hotel uniforms, we propose two other dresses: the Simona one, with a particular “shawl collar” and the Valeria one, without collar and with the “square neck”. Both dresses are offered in two delicate patterns, gray striped and blue striped and are matched with two coordinated small aprons: the more classic Positano model with lace for the Simona dress, and the Capri small apron, with a more modern cut, for the Valeria dress.

  • Melania Series

    Hotel Wear for Housekeeping staff: Corbara presents the elegance of the Melania series.

    The chambermaid dresses and tunics presented in this page distinguish for a polished, never ordinary style, perfect for those who demand a special and representative hotel wear; several colours are available: two shades of grey, a light grey and an iron grey, a pretty shade of chocolate brown, and the new colours Ècru and Burgundy.

    For those who prefer the dress, we propose two models: the Melania dress, with the elegant double-breasted cut, and the Dafne dress, with the elegant contrasting collar; while, for those who prefer a suit with trousers (Lisitea model), we suggest two tunics: Emma tunic, with a similar style and cut of Dafne, and the Olga tunic, with the pretty round collar and contrasting inserts.

    All the garments belonging to this hotel wear series for the housekeeping staff are made of Soft-Feel Lightweight Gabardine, an innovative 50% cot. 50% pol. blend fabric that is very lightweight, comfortable and extremely resistant to wear and washes at the same time, as for the dark colours too.

  • Annalisa Series

    Corbara presents the Hotel Wear for the turndown service: Annalisa, Dalia and Cornelia dresses.

    Beside the black, the most classic colour for turndown service dresses, in this series of hotel wear for chambermaids, we suggest the elegant Paris Blue colour and a refined Burgundy shade. Three models are proposed: the Annalisa dress with a pretty round collar, the Dalia dress with the elegant shawl collar and 3/4 sleeves, and the refined Cornelia dress with detachable collar and sleeve edge.

    The garments are made of Soft-Feel Gabardine, a lightweight, cool and breathable cotton blend gabardine (50% cot. 50% pol.), almost like a pure cotton but at the same time with dyes very resistant to washes.

    In order to complete the uniforms presented in this hotel wear selection dedicated to chambermaids, you can find various matchable white aprons among the many ones proposed in this page: aprons

  • Rebecca Series

    Hotel Wear for chambermaids: Corbara presents the style and comfort of the Rebecca coats.

    In this hotel wear series dedicated to chambermaids we propose the Rebecca Coat, a model with a wide wearability and an practical low big pleat that ensures the best movement comfort, avoiding at the same time inappropriate “bare legs”.

    Two colours are proposed: the classic black, suitable for the evening service and grey, perfect for the daytime service. The black Rebecca coats are made of Soft-Feel Gabardine: a cotton blend gabardine (50% cot. 50% pol.) that is very lightweight and, at the same time, very resistant to washes; on the other hand, the grey model made of the very resistant Yarn-dyed Poplin, a polycotton fabric (65% pol. 35% cot) extremely resistant to wear and washes with chlorine products (bleach) too.

    This hotel wear selection for chambermaids is completed by two more black coat:the Elisa Coat, a lightweight coat made of Pratico Poplin (65% pol. 35% cot.), and the Margherita Dress, with the particular “round” collar, made of Soft-Feel Gabardine (50% cot. 50% pol.)

  • Sonia Series

    Corbara’s Work Clothes: discover the convenience and the elegance of the Sonia series striped coats.

    In this selection of work clothes we propose the coats for chambermaids with a classic style suitable for any facility and a very favourable price: the Sonia coat, with the elegant shawl collar, the Vanda coat, with the “cool” squared neck (actually, it’s a coat without collar, very appreciated in summer) and the Silvana coat with a more linear style, which can be combined with the coordinated Ascea apron.

    All these garments are made of lightweight cotton blend Pratico poplin (65% pol. 35% cot.), a lightweight fabric, very easy to wash and iron, and have inserts of white piquet on the neck and sleeves. Two colours are proposed, both in the classic striped pattern: Sky Blue and Green.

    The coats presented in this work clothes’ selection dedicated to chambermaids, in addition to the already mentioned coordinated Ascea aprons, can be matched with several white waist aprons available in this page: aprons

  • Tunics and Ponchos

    Hotel Wear for housekeeping: Corbara presents the practicality of the Tunics and the Poncho Aprons.

    This hotel wear selection is dedicated to those who, for the housekeeping staff, rather than the classic coat or dress, prefer the practicality and the comfort of the tunics and poncho aprons. In Paris Blue and Purplish Red, we propose the Barbara tunic and the Europa apron, made of lightweight cotton blend Gabardine (50% cot. 50% pol.) a very resistant fabric to washes; both models distinguish for the particular shirt collar and for the inserts of coordinated striped fabric on the pockets.

    The Siria apron, available in four bright colours, is a very practical poncho model, especially suitable for the holiday villages’ housekeeping staff. For those who prefer a refined style tunic, we propose the Olga tunic and Rubia tunic; available in sober and elegant colours, these tunics are made of Soft-Feel Lightweight Gabardine, a blend fabric (50% cot. 50% pol.) comfortable and guaranteed to wash.

    This selection of hotel clothing is completed by the Europa apron and Barbara tunic, in the striped version, in blue and burgundy; these garments, made of cool cotton pique, are also present in the Serena series, where they are matched with the classic long coat.

  • Chambermaid Accessories

    Corbara’s Hotel Wear: White Waist Aprons and Accessories for the housekeeping staff.

    In this category we present all the white waist aprons to match with the coats and dresses proposed in the other chambermaid categories, as to those cases in which there is not a coordinated waist apron (in fact, many series of coats already suggest their own coordinated apron).

    Choose according to your tastes and preferences among the various models available: with a pocket, a wide pocket or simple without pockets, with lace, with bib etc.

    Moreover, in order to complete the accessories for chambermaids, we suggest a model of Maid Headpiece with lace, designed for those who prefer a classic and elegant headgear, and the merino wool blend Cardigan – Blue or Black – essential for the coldest months.


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