Front Office 

Reception Professional Wear.

In this category you will find professional wear for reception employees (front office and back office) and uniforms for hotel managers such as the Director, food & beverage manager and the housekeeper.

From morning dress for classic and prestigious structures, to more modern wear for city hotels, this section contains all our lined garments, also known as “suiting”.

Suits for men and women, made of quality fabrics with a semi-tailored cut, that are so attractive that to define them as work clothes is a bit simplistic!!

The coats and trousers for each outfit can be purchased separately; coordinated skirts and pants are available for women. Furthermore, some uniforms also come with a vest.

Front Office Professional Wear

All professional receptionist attire is divided by type of fabric and then by color.

The first sub-categories, Venezia SeriesCity Stretch Series Windsor Blue and City Stretch Series Club Grey, Slim Fit Series Black and Slim Fit Series Deep Blue, refer to the most fashionable reception uniforms, with innovative colour, such as the Windsor Blue colour, and clothes with modern slim fit, for a contemporary and refined style.

In the sub-categories Lightweight Wool Morning Dress, Lightweight Wool Black, Lightweight Wool Sailor Blue and Lightweight Wool Anthracite, we introduce outfits in pure lightweight wool fabric, weighing approximately 260 grams, suitable for making elegant clothes with maximum comfort and an impeccable style. The receptionist uniforms made of Pure Lightweight Wool can be worn all year round (Four Season) and are especially appreciated in summer, thanks to the lightweight and freshness of the fabric.

The sub-category Summer Series Unlined refer to typically summer reception uniforms; thanks to the unlined workmanship of the coats, the apparel is particularly cool and suited for warmer periods.

In the sub-category Wool Blend Blue Pinstripe we present the Pinstripe suits made in Lightweight Wool Blend, an excellent compromise between the comfort of Wool and the durability of Polyester. Weighing about 300 grams, Wool Blend is ideal for making elegant and durable outfits.

In the sub-categories Poly-viscose Dark Blue, Hostess and Steward Blue Marine and Hostess and Steward Black, we present outfits in 100% polyester wrinkle free, or mixed polyester and viscose. This is a synthetic fabric, completely wrinkle free, with good comfort and breathability, excellent for manufacturing apparel which, even when subjected to heavy use, must always appear “new”.

Lastly, in the Front Office Accessories section, you will find shirts, ties, scarves and ascots, jersey and sleeveless jersey, coordinated with the models proposed.

Subcategories Front Office

  • Venezia Series

    Professional wear by Corbara: discover the Venezia line, elegant and female uniforms.

    Venezia is a line dedicated only to women, fruit of an elegant and stylish concept completely made in Italy; indispensable for those who wish elegant and modern garments, deviating from the standard of the classic uniform, without giving up the comfort of the fabrics and of processes studied for a professional use.

    Main interpreter of this line is the semi-lined Venezia Jacket, available in a nice black and white pattern; this garment is made of Embossed Jacquard (100% polyester), a particular fabric processed in relief that ensures a refined and unique style.

    Coordinated with the jacket, we recommend the Murano dress, very elegant and fashionable, the pencil skirt Opale and the trousers Leda. All garments are made with a soft and comfortable stretch fabric (Nubila Soft Stretch 90% Pol., 10% Elastane), that ensures comfort and lightness.

    To complete this line of professional wear, we propose the shirt Fabira, a nice garment made of Crêpe Satin (100% Pol.) with linear and careful cut.

  • City Stretch Series...

    Uniforms for hotel: choose the reception suits from the City Stretch series in the new Windsor Blue colour.

    This line of hotel uniforms designed for the reception staff, is characterized by the particular color, called windsor blue. The garments made in this very current colour are suitable for both modern hotels and more classic hotels that prefer an innovative and elegant look.

    All garments feature a comfortable slim fit and a contemporary design. A lightweight and elasticized polyviscose fabric (65% Polyester, 30% Viscose and 5% Elastane) has been selected for the tailoring with a soft and pleasant touch, which, thanks also to the elastic fiber, guarantees excellent comfort in use.

    In this series is available a men's suit, with the Valdagno jacket and Ariel trousers, and a women's suit, with the Vicenza jacket and the Smeraldo skirt or, alternatively, the Nila trousers. In this line of hotel uniforms for reception, called City Stretch, an alternative color is also available: the Club Grey.

  • City Stretch Series...

    Corbara Front Office Uniforms: work with style! Discover the uniforms for men and women in Club Grey.

    For those looking for style and elegance in work uniforms, Corbara offers the uniforms in Club Grey colour (see also those in Windsor Blue colour); a professional clothing for reception, also suitable for other back office tasks.

    These uniforms, with a modern design and a comfortable slim fit, are made of elasticized polyviscose, a lightweight and soft touch fabric, with the following composition: 65% polyester, 30% viscose and 5% elastic fiber.

    This series of reception uniforms includes a men's suit, with Valdagno jacket and Ariel trousers, and a women's suit with Vicenza jacket, Nila trousers and Smeraldo skirt.

  • Slim Fit Series Black

    Professional wear by Corbara: discover our slim-fit Front Desk wear

    The Front Desk professional wear belonging to this category distinguishes for the modern slim-fit style, thanks to a tight wearability and to the employment of a slightly stretch fabric; these garments, in fact, are made of stretch wool blend (60% Wool, 38% Pol, 2% Elastane), a comfortable and soft fabric, that represents an excellent compromise between the quality and comfort of the pure wool and the wear of polyester.

    That’s why our Front Desk Uniforms of the slim-fit line are very comfortable and durable and, thanks to the excellent wearability, they are also beautiful and elegant.

    These Front-Desk uniforms are the ideal choice for the hotels that wish an elegant and distinctive uniform, with all the style and quality of Made in Italy. The normal colour is black, the most classic of colours, but they are available also in deep blue.

  • Slim Fit Series Deep Blue

    Professional wear: deep blue slim-fit Front Desk Uniforms

    Ideal for Front Desk, the professional wear belonging to this category distinguishes for the particular slim-fit, obtained thanks to a tight modern modelling and to the slightly stretch fabric; this line of uniforms, in fact, is made of stretch wool blend (60% Wool, 38% Pol., 2% Elastane), a soft fabric, comfortable to wear, representing a valid compromise between the quality and comfort of pure wool and the wear of polyester.

    That’s why the Front Desk Uniforms of the slim-fit line offer a perfect wearability, are comfortable and durable, with a beautiful and elegant line.

    These Front Desk uniforms are recommended for all structures that need elegant and quality uniforms, with a particular attention to aesthetics. The normal colour is deep blue, a very dark shade of blue, but they are available also in black.

  • Lightweight Wool...

    Corbara Professional Wear: Morning Dress Series. Discover the class of a Frock Coat, Morning Coat and Stroller Jackets for timeless elegance.

    The front office garments of the Morning Dress series represent the state of the art of our hotel uniforms production. These are lined garments, made exclusively with pure lightweight wool and high quality tailoring, to ensure style and elegance for reception personnel: concierge , secretary and reception secretary.

    This series of Professional Wear, designed for 5 star Hotel front office, include the Frock Coat, a classic concierge garment, which is flanked by a secretary Morning Coat, in the male version (for women only upon request) and the Stroller Jacket, less demanding and suitable for secondary front office duties. For woman, we propose the Verona Jacket, a classic jacket with four buttons and the Stiffelius Jacket, a long jacket with three buttons.

    The Jackets, proposed in classic black, we combine the Vest in pearl grey and Trousers (for women there is also a version with Skirt) in classic black and grey striped.

  • Lightweight Wool Black

    Corbara Professional Wear: our collection of hotel front office and manager uniforms in Black.

    Produced in lightweight pure virgin wool, hotel uniforms presented in this series are suitable for front office and for managerial figures like, for example, the housekeeper or F&B. Particularly indicated for business class city Hotels, these hotel uniforms fit well also in classic structures.

    There are two models available for women: Verona, more sober, long cut with four buttons, and Carrara, more modern and pert, short with three buttons. For men there is the Stroller Jackets, classic with two buttons and lance lapels.

    Coordinated with the jackets, the men's trouser Titanio pleated front and Nettuno flat front, women’s pants Roberta with their youthful cut, and Ametista skirt, very feminine, with a slightly lowered waistline. This series of professional reception wear is completed with the Messina dress, a female classic dress with short sleeves.

  • Lightweight Wool...

    Professional Wear: Front Office Uniform in Sailor Blue. Discover the elegance of Corbara uniforms.

    Classic workwear for hotel front office in traditional timeless colors but at the same time always modern: Sailor Blue is a dark blue very sober color suitable for reception uniforms, for those hotels that prefer a formal and refined style.

    Produced in lightweight pure virgin wool, these garments are very elegant and comfortable and, thanks to the "four season" fabric, they can be used both in summer and winter.

    They are part of a male series the two-button Jacket Viterbo and trousers Nettuno flat front trousers. The female series composed of a Female Verona Jacket more sober, long cut with four buttons, and Carrara, short with two button, the Ametista skirt and trousers Nila more modern and pert; for woman is also available the dress Maratea and Berna female vest.

  • Lightweight Wool...

    Corbara Professional Wear: front office garments in Anthracite Grey for high class hotels.

    Products in a stylish Anthracite grey, the hotel reception uniforms found in this section are made in lightweight pure virgin wool: an elegant and comfortable four-season fabric.

    Apart from front office, these hotel uniforms can also be used by sales personnel and all hotel back office departments in general; furthermore, in more modern facilities the man's suit can easily replace the tuxedo for the Maitre.

    Two men's jackets are part of the anthracite serier, the Viterbo jacket with two buttons and the Perugia jacket, more classic with three buttons: two women's jackets, the longer Verona model with four buttons and the Carrara model, with a short and modern cut, with three buttons. In combination with these jackets there are Nettuno model men’s flat front trousers, the Rubino pant model for women and the Ametista skirt.

    Finally, to complete this line of professional wear, the elegant Messina Dress is available, ideal for those who prefer the comfort and class of the dress.

  • Summer Series Unlined

    Corbara Professional Wear: summer series unlined. Discover Front Office uniforms lightweight to dress with class and elegance.

    Receptionist uniforms of the summer line, produced in lightweight wool, are garments that, as the name suggests, are particularly suited for the summer season. In fact, the workmanship on jackets for both men and women, is carried out with this in mind: these garments, although they preserve their elegance and the typical style of our products, are unlined in order to ensure greater comfort in the hotter season.

    The color proposed is Bay Grey, a light grey, particularly elegant, that can be used both in the city hotels and at summer resorts

    The garments available in this category of summer reception uniforms are: the Levanto model men's jacket and the Ravenna model women's jacket, both with pretty lower patch pockets, the Saturno men's trousers, the Roberta women's trousers and the Ametista skirt.

  • Wool Blend Blue Pinstripe

    Corbaraweb Professional Wear: Blue Pinstripe Receptionist Uniforms.

    For discerning hotels in line with the latest trends, in these pages we propose receptionist uniforms in Blue Pinstripe fabric. Ideal professional front office wear, suitable also for other tasks such as first housekeeper.

    Modern and functional, these reception garments are made on lightweight stretch wool blend (60% wool, 38% polyester and 2% elastic fiber) a very comfortable four-season fabric that ensures excellent fit and crease resistance. Furthermore, the use of fiber blends (i.e. with a part of synthetic fabric) ensures greater duration without affecting the comfort typical of natural fibers.

    The series includes a man’s uniform composed of a three-button Perugia Jacket and Saturno flat front trouser, and a female uniform with one-button Mantova Jacket, Roberta Pants and Ametista Skirt.

  • Polyester-Viscose Dark...

    Corbara Professional Wear for Hotels and Restaurants. Front Office series in Polyester Viscose: work clothes at the right price!

    The synthetic nature of polyester viscose fabric makes it very soft to the touch and pleasant to wear, and makes it possible to produce elegant and long wearing garments. Designed for front office, this Professional Wear is ideal also for hostess uniforms and for all those figures that work in a hotel and require a nice uniform at a favorable price.

    Made in Dark Blue, this series includes a man's outfit with a three-button Rovigo jacket and Saturno flat front trouser, and a woman's outfit with a short Igea Jacket and Ametista skirt or women's pants in the Roberta model. 

    This series is enhanced by a pretty short sleeve woman's dress, model Messina, that can be used either on its own or combined with the Igea Jacket.

  • Hostess and Steward...

    Corbara Professional Wear: discover our Professional Wear for Hostess and Steward in wrinkle free polyester.

    This line of professional wear is designed for those who prefer  work clothes extremely durable, almost indestructible, without any particular need for comfort. This uniforms in 100% polyester gabardine Victory wrinkle free, in fact, are apparel that last a very long time, do not crease (they are fully wrinkle free), and look "like new" even after several months of use. On the other hand these are clothes that are warmer in summer, compared to, lightweight wool for example, and therefore less comfortable. They are, therefore ideal in all those situations where very resistant "work" clothes are needed, for example hostess and steward uniforms.

    Made in Blue Marine, but also available in black color this line of work clothing includes a male suit, with a three-button Spoleto Jacket and Callisto flat front trouser, with two front pockets, and a female outfit with a Hostess Jacket, with three-button, Igea model, Skirt, with lowered waistline, Ametista model and Nila pant.

    Lastly, still for women, we propose the Faenza jacket with the white insert on the neck, combined with the Opale long skirt.

  • Hostess and Steward Black

    Corbara Professional Wear: quality and convenience with our Hostess and Steward uniforms in black wrinkle free polyester.

    This line of professional wear is produced in 100% polyester victory gabardine. This material guarantees excellent durability in time, is completely wrinkle free and looks “like new” even after many washings; it should be noted however that, apart from the typical qualities of polyester, it is a synthetic fabric and has one limitation: it is not very breathable and therefore not very suitable for the summer. Therefore, the hostess uniforms in this series are ideal for hotel workers who prefer very resistant representative apparel, but without any special need for comfort.

    This line of attire is composed of a Spoleto man’s jacket, with three-button, a very feminine model, slightly short, called Igea, and still for women, the Faenza jacket with the particular white insert on the neck.  They can be combined with a man’s flat front trouser, model Callisto, woman’s Nila trouser, classic skirt Ametista, and longuette skirt Opale.

    All of these garments are in black. See also Hostess and Steward uniforms in Blue Marine.

  • Front Office Accessories

    Professional Front Office Wear: Accessories.

    Elegant and refined, the accessories in this category represent the natural finishing touch to the front office uniforms proposed in this section of the site.

    Front Office Professional Wear

    In the sub-category Front Office White Shirt, you will find a selection of our stylish shirts, ideal for reception suits, both in classic and modern model.

    In the Subcategory Front Office Colourful Shirts, we offer the shirts in plain color and classic striped, for those who prefer to liven up the front office uniforms with a color touch.

    In the sub-category Ties, you will find a large assortment of classic Ties, available in plain color, polka dots and striped (also known as Regimental). Used mainly by male staff, in recent years these ties are also increasingly valued by women.

    In the sub-category Scarves and Ascot, we present accessories for women that are indispensable to brighten uniforms and give them that female touch. In addition to scarves in polka dots, there are also ascots in Jacquard design coordinated with the ties.

    Lastly, the sub-category Parka and Jersey contains knitted clothing and the elegant winter jacket.


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