Restaurant & Bar 

Professional Wear for Restaurants and Bars.

In this section of the site, we offer professional wear for Restaurants and Bars, hence for the maitre d’, waiter and sommelier, bartender and table service.

Professional Wear for Restaurants and Bars

The items, available for unisex or man/woman fit, are divided by type, from the more challenging outfits for hotel Restaurants, to the more modern and youthful outfits for bars and casual premises.

In the sub-categories Maitre and Sommelier you will find Jackets, Tailcoats and Tuxedos for maitre, Spencer and aprons for the sommelier uniform.

In the sub-category Jackets Color White, Jackets Color Ice Gray, Jackets Color Sand, Jackets Color Cream, Jackets Color Safari, Jackets Color Smoke Gray and Jackets Color Black we present work clothes for restaurants, hence Jackets and elegant Spencers, suitable for exclusive hotel restaurants and for banquets and catering in general.

In the Vest Solid Color and Vest Pinstripe sub-categories, we propose all our Vests in plain colors (Parigi and Toledo) and Pinstripe.

For bar apparel, the sub-categories Bistro Aprons, Denim Aprons, Hemp-like Aprons, Metal Grey Aprons, Gold Morocco Aprons, Onyx and Pearl Aprons, Nocciola and Gianduia Aprons, Striped and Pinstripe Aprons, Ring Burgundy Aprons and Bar Small Aprons, you will find all aprons divided by color and pattern.

The sub-category Restaurant and Bar Accessories, where we offer bow ties, ties coordinated with Jackets, Vests and Aprons, Caps and numerous various accessories such as: Gloves, Elastic Cummerbunds, Spare Buttons, etc. complete this professional wear section

Subcategories Restaurant & Bar

  • Maitre

    Professional Restaurant attire: Corbara uniforms for the Maitre and Restaurant Manager.

    In this category, we present our professional attire for restaurants, dedicated to the restaurant manager. Four types of maitre jackets to suit different work moments and situations:

    - Tail-Coat, classic and very challenging it is intended only for evenings and only in high-class hotels and restaurants; is suggested for official ceremonies, such as a New Year gala dinner. The model proposed is the classic black with a vest in the same color and is made of lightweight pure virgin wool. The tails are paired with trousers with side satin band.
    - Tuxedo Jacket, the maitre jacket par excellence, less demanding than the tails, but must always be worn in the evening and gala events or ceremonies. Four models are offered: the Treviso jacket, the Rodi Jacket, the Toronto jacket and Nizza jacket (for woman). The fabric with which we produce the tuxedo jackets is a lightweight pure virgin wool. The matching trousers, in the same fabric, are available with flat front and with pleated front and the latter also with the side bands in satin. For women, we propose the Opale skirt, and the Roberta trouser, always in the same fabric.
    - Treviso Jacket in polyester, a more "daily" model made in wrinkle free polyester gabardine; suggested for daily use and available in black and cream color, the latter is recommended for lunch.
    - Perugia three-button jacket, anthracite colored, while not a classic maitre jacket, it is a viable alternative that is very popular in most modern hotels and restaurants. The jacket is combined with the Monaco vest and Nettuno trousers in the same color. This anthracite line is made in lightweight pure virgin wool.

    This section on professional attire for Restaurants dedicated to the maitre is completed by the white diplomatic shirt (available for man and woman), with special collar with raised points and knot cuff-links.


  • Sommelier

    Corbara Professional Wear presents the Sommelier Uniform.

    Indispensable for professional sommeliers, our Sommelier Uniforms, are composed of a Lugano Spencer Jackets, available in both male and female models, and unisex Sommelier Apron in one adjustable size.

    The Sommelier Uniform, proposed in classic black, are made of durable 100% Polyester Gabardine Plus, a fabric suitable for making garments that are very strong, durable and completely wrinkle free. 

    Upon request the Spencer can be made in lightweight pure wool or lightweight wool blend.

    For the sommelier's representative uniform, consisting of a blue blazer and grey trousers, see these pages:
    - Sailor Blue lightweight wool, for blue jackets
    - Anthracite lightweight wool, for grey skirts and trousers.

  • White Jackets

    Corbara’s wear: the white uniforms for restaurants, made of a lightweight fabric for summer.

    This series of uniforms for restaurants is especially suitable for those who prefer a lightweight and breathable waiter jacket; in fact, the garments proposed are made of Comfort Plus Satin, a lightweight gabardine, perfect for summer; this fabric, thanks to its cotton blend composition 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, has the advantage of a long duration and a great resistance to washes, ensuring at the same time coolness and comfort, just like a pure 100% cotton fabric.

    In this series the classic men's Roma jacket, matched with the women's Pavia Spencer, is proposed; both models are especially suitable for a classic and elegant restaurant room. Moreover, two models with the Mandarin collar are available: the men's Fregene jacket and the women's Gaeta jacket, both with contrasting inserts on the sleeves and the collar; this type of Mandarin jackets is very practical, as it doesn’t require any shirt, and therefore is perfect for those who work with extra waiters and in catering services.

  • Ice Grey Jackets

    Hotel Wear: style and elegance with waiter/waitress’s uniforms by Corbara in the new Ice Grey colour.

    This line of hotel wear, proposed in a nice and elegant light grey colour, called Ice Grey, is dedicated to the uniforms for waiters/waitresses working in the restaurant and breakfast room, as well as for catering and banqueting. Such as the uniforms of other colours, the Ice Grey garments are made of wrinkle free Gabardine Plus (100% polyester), to ensure them a long life and an impeccable look, even after several washes.

    For waitresses, we propose Pavia Spencer, a short and feminine jacket with shawl collar and a silver button, while for waiters we recommend the Roma Jacket, a men’s garment with the same style of the women’s one.

    For banqueting, we propose Torino Jacket (for men) and Ragusa Jacket (for women), both Mandarin-collared, with a particular hidden buttoning and a single silver button in view.

    For those who prefer waiters with vest, we propose Parigi Vest, to which you can match the white Barletta Apron, for a unique uniform.

    This selection of hotel wear is completed by the elegant Bow Tie: an accessory providing originality and elegance to the jackets with shawl collar and vests.

  • Sand Jackets

    Hotel Uniforms: style and elegance with Sand colored Corbara Waiter Uniforms.

    This line of hotel attire, proposed in an elegant Sand color, is dedicated to waiter uniforms for restaurants and breakfast as well as outdoor events (catering and banqueting). Like the uniforms in other colors, the sand colored garments are made of Gabardine Plus, a wrinkle free polyester fabric that guarantees durability and impeccable appearance.

    Two waiter jackets, perfect for restaurant service, the men’s Catania Jacket and the women’s Andria Jacket, both in the modern two-buttons model and classic lapel and two mandarin collar models ideal for banquets, the Napoli Jacket and the Modica Jacket, particularly appreciated for catering services or for hotels with many extra waiters, as they don’t need any shirt. Finally, for the “commis”, and for those who generally prefer restaurant service with vest, the Parigi and Zurigo, two classic and elegant style vests.

    This selection of hotel clothing is completed by two beige colored garments: the Spencer Pavia, a very feminine short jacket model with a shawl collar and a gold-colored button and the Roma Jacket, a male model, with the same style as the spencer, together with which it completes an elegant and classy attire.

  • Cream Jackets

    Corbara Professional Wear presents Cream colored Waiters Uniforms.

    Made of resistant wrinkle free gabardine, a polyester fabric that ensures durability and perfect performance even after many hours of use, the cream colored waiters jackets are available in various models suitable for the various types of service:

    - Firenze Jacket, Roma Jacket and Cremona Jacket, suitable for either banquets or lunch, usually worn respectively by the head waiter "chef de rang" and waiter "commis de rang"; these represent hotel waiter uniforms par excellence;
    - Manila Vest e Pavia Spencer, purely female models, the first is the equivalent of the Roma Jacket and the second is perfect for the restaurant's hostess (water and wine service)
    - Ferrara Jacket and Alba, models with mandarin collar and frogs, ideal for breakfast;
    - Torino and Ragusa Jacket, male and female mandarin model, with particular covered buttons, often used for buffets and catering;
    - Varese and Verbania Jacket, also male and female with mandarin collar,  adorned with gold epaulets and contrasting collar and cuffs (the final part of the sleeve). Like the previous ones, these waiter jackets are often used for hotel buffets and in catering.

    Mandarin collar jacket are ideal clothing for extra waiters since they do not require the use of a shirt (only the collar if used in the hotel); in this manner it is much easier to manage wardrobe supplies without having to worry about shirts to give to extras, thereby increasing the image and uniformity of the uniforms.

  • Safari Jackets

    Hotel professional wear: Corbara launches the Safari colour, a new colour for waiter/waitress’ uniforms

    In this category, we propose a new and trendy colour, Safari, with which we realize a selection of uniforms for waiters/waitresses dedicated to those who wish fine and exclusive garments. Made of wrinkle free Gabardine Plus (long lasting and perfect even after many hours of use), these jackets are available in four models:

    - Roma Jacket and Torino Jacket, both for men and suitable either for banqueting or for lunch; the first one is a classic jacket with shawl collar usually worn by waiters or commis de rang, the second one is a Mandarin collar jacket, normally used for catering and banqueting.

    - Pavia Spencer and Ragusa Jacket, a line for women, with two models enhancing femininity and elegance, being short; such as the corresponding men’s jackets, the first one is the best choice for restaurants, while the second one is more suitable for banqueting.

    This selection of hotel wear in Safari colour is completed by the relevant accessories, such as Tie, Nodino (short tie) and Bow Tie, and two aprons: Luino Apron and Alassio Apron, both ideal for banqueting, or simply for those who prefer wearing an apron even in the restaurant.

  • Smoke Grey Jackets

    Professional wear by Corbara: smoke grey jackets, vests and aprons for waiters/waitresses and barmen/barwomen

    The smoke grey uniforms for waiters/waitresses proposed in this section represent a modern alternative to the classic black colour, dedicated to those who prefer a new, refined and elegant colour for their staff.

    Made of Gabardine Plus, a strong wrinkle free polyester fabric, that doesn’t fade neither shrink while washing, this uniforms for restaurant include two jackets with a shawl collar, the Roma Jacket and the Pavia Spencer, and two mandarin collar jackets, the Torino Jacket and the Ragusa Jacket.

    A valid alternative to jackets, still trendy today, is represented by vests, proposed in two models: Zurigo Vest, specific for women, and Parigi Vest, a classic unisex model. Those who prefer the comfort and practicality of aprons can choose between the two following proposals: Luino Apron, a long model recommended for men, and Alassio Apron, shorter, V-necked model ideal for women.

    In the end, the nice accessories indispensable to complete with style the uniforms of waiters/waitresses and barmen/barwomen: the narrow tie model Seventy, the women’s short tie model Nodino and the classic Bow Tie.

  • Black Jackets

    Corbara presents Waiter and Barman clothing in the most refined color for professional attire: Black.

    Classic and elegant, the collection of uniforms for waiters and barmen in black is produced in wrinkle free Gabardine Plus, a fabric that is very resistant and retains its color even after numerous washings. This line proposes several models, such as the traditional waiter's jacket, model Roma, recommended for the "chef de rang", with a shawl collar and one gold button, also proposed in an unusual female version, the Gallarate Jacket, or in the long version, the Marsina Jacket, in both male and female version, particularly suitable for evenings and/or gala occasions.

    For the head waiter, we propose the Catania Jacket, a two-buttons jacket model with a classic lapel, while for the waiter or the  "commis de rang", we propose two models of Spencer: Pavia and Lodi, respectively for ladies and men. For those who prefer service vests, we propose: Toledo with gold buttons, Parigi with colored buttons, Berlino with an elegant shawl collar and two purely female models, the Manila Vest and Zurigo Vest.

    Completing this section of professional attire for restaurants, the classic Aprons: the model Imperia, Savona and Stresa, with bib, and model Fabriano, long without a bib, all recommended for a modern dining rooms or as a bar uniform.

  • Vest Solid Color

    Corbara Professional Wear: the practicality and elegance of the Waiter and Barman Vest.

    In work uniforms, the Vest is a convenient and practical alternative to the jacket in bar and restaurant clothing; the use of this garment, in fact, provides great ease of movement for the operator, which is essential for example, for bartenders at the coffee machine. Moreover, the vest has a good fit for almost all sizes and different physical features (tall, short, heavyweight,  etc.), and, last but not least, the use of Vests in waiter and bartender uniforms has a certain charm that never goes out of fashion.

    The Vests proposes in this section are available in various colors and in different models, such as: Parigi Vest, Varsavia Vest and Zurigo Vest, with colored buttons, the Toledo Vest and Manila Vest, with gold buttons and the Berlino Vest with an elegant shawl collar. All vests are made in 100% polyester Gabardine Plus fabric, very resistant to  both wear and washing.

    In addition to solid colors, the section on Professional Restaurant and Bar attire, also has Pinstripe Vests

  • Vest Pinstripe

    Corbara Professional Wear: the timeless elegance of Waiter Vests and Barman Vests.

    From the typical and refined pinstripe pattern, suitable for both classic restaurants and modern cafeterias, the Pinstripe Vest on this page is available in black color with the classic "striped" in pearl grey. Two models are proposed: Varsavia Vest, a shorter and male model, and Berna Vest, a longer and feminine model; both garments are made in the Victory Gabardine wrinkle free, a 100% polyester fabric.

    Also the Morocco Striped Vest are available in two models: the Zurigo for women and Varsavia for men; both are made in the Shiny-Satin Gabardine, a 100% polyester fabric. The morocco striped vests are refined and elegant garments from the particular glossy fabric and are ideal for hotel restaurants and bars and exclusive clubs.

    In addition to the vests on this page, the section on Professional Restaurant and Bar attire, also has Solid color Vests.

  • Bistro Aprons

    Professional Wear for bars and restaurants: Corbara presents the Bistro Aprons

    This line of professional wear represents a selection of garments (some already introduced in other categories) dedicated to the apron for waiters and barmen, often called “bistro”.

    All garments are unisex, as well as all aprons, and the fabric they are made of is wrinkle free Gabardine Plus, a classic polyester fabric very resistant to washes that doesn't need to be ironed if the garment is dried without spinning it.

    The Bistro Aprons, thanks to their classic but fashionable style, are the ideal choice for those who prefer a sober and elegant professional wear.

    In this section of Professional Wear you can find also several other lines of aprons for bars and restaurants: discover all the products available in the menu above.

  • Denim Aprons

    Barista Uniforms: choose the distinctive line of accessories and Denim Aprons, for a young and contemporary look.

    Made in the most classic of work fabrics, the denim fabric, this series of aprons combines a fresh and dynamic style with numerous refined details, such as contrasting seams, rivets, buckles and metal eyelets, in order to obtain modern and distinctive garments.

    Particularly suitable for a contemporary coffee bar, or more generally, as a uniform for all youth bars and restaurant, this modern barista uniform is proposed in the denim-only version, with the Ginosa Apron and the Gallipoli Apron, and in the version with imitation leather inserts, with the Bellaria Apron and Cervia Apron.

    As a natural complement to the barista uniform we offer the pretty Nodino Short Tie and the modern Seventy Tie, both available in denim version and the imitation leather version. The series ends with a nice hat, the Gatsby Flat Cap, also in coordinated fabric.

  • Hemp-like Aprons

    Professional wear: Corbara introduces the Hemp-like Aprons, for a contemporary and “bio” style in the uniforms for bars and delicatessen.

    Available in two colours: Natural (multicoloured beige) and Lead (dark grey), the aprons and accessories of this new line of professional wear are made with Capanone Garda, a fabric with a particular structured processing and a thick and almost rustic weave, similar to the hemp from which it takes its name (hemp in Italian is called “canapa”).

    Actually, Canapone Garda is realized with an innovative 100% polyester fibre and that’s why it offers the advantage of a very strong and durable material, without the bright and artificial aspect typical of polyester.

    Thanks to this natural and biological aspect, the aprons of the Canapone line are particularly suitable for bars, ice-cream shops and trendy delicatessens with Bio formats and furnishing.

    We propose two models: Otranto Apron, for men and Alessandria Apron, for women, to which the Seventy Tie and the Nodino short tie can be matched. To complete these uniforms, we cannot forget a hat: Vibo forage hat (classic hat for counter) or a Bandana.

  • Metal Grey Aprons

    Bar Wear: Metal Grey Aprons and Vests for a modern bar uniform.

    Made of Shiny-Satin Gabardine, a polyester fabric with a special shiny-shimmering effect, the garments of the Metal Grey series, thanks to their contemporary and “chic” style, are suitable for the Bar Wear of the most up-to-date and fashionable venues.

    Two models are available, both with bib: the Amelia Apron and the Saronno Apron. Even if they are unisex just like all our aprons, we recommend the Amelia Apron to women and the Saronno Apron to men because of the length and the style of the models.

    The Metal Grey series also includes two vests with five buttons: the women's Zurigo Vest and the men's Varsavia Vest. In both models the back is made of a black fabric, the same colour of the contrasting stripes of the aprons. In combination: the narrow Seventy tie and the Vibo Forage hat.

    There are many other Aprons and vests for your Bar Wear: discover all the available colours in the upper menu.

  • Gold Morocco Aprons

    Professional Wear: Aprons for Bar and Cafeteria Waiters.

    Perfect for a cafeteria, a pastry shop and for a refined waiter service, the Professional Wear series Gold Morocco completely merges in the modern settings as well as in the more classic ones; in fact, the fabric the garments are made of, a wrinkle free shiny-shimmering Gabardine 100% polyester, makes them very elegant and up-to-date.

    In this series, four models of apron are available, conceived to adapt to various uses:
    - the Saronno Apron and the Amelia Apron, both with the bib, are conceived for the counter service; the different cuts and sizes of the garments make the first model more suitable for the male staff and the second one for the female staff.
    - the Bari Apron and the Trani Apron, on the other hand, are models without bib, often more suitable for the table service (waiter and bar); there are two sizes: the first one, smaller and “easy”, arrives up to the knee and the second and more elegant one arrives nearly to the ankle.

    The Gold Morocco series also includes two vests with five buttons: the women's Zurigo Vest and the men's Varsavia Vest; in both models the back is made of a gold coloured fabric. This pretty series of professional wear is completed by ties in coordinated colors and the forage hat for the counter attendants.

  • Onyx and Pearl Aprons

    Professional wear by Corbara: elegant and trendy uniforms with the new onyx and pearl grey aprons for bars.

    The aprons and accessories of this line are a selection of professional wear particularly suitable for those who are looking for a new and trendy uniform; in fact, the fabric with which they are made (wrinkle free Gabardine Plus, 100% pol.) has a geometric pattern in relief called Galaxy, that provides the garments with a modern and innovative style.

    Proposed in two shades, onyx – a very dark grey, almost black – and pearl – a light grey – these garments can be used for long and washed even at high temperatures.

    Two aprons are available, both with bib: Luino Apron and Alassio Apron, respectively for men and women. To complete the uniform, the nice short tie for women, the Armony bow tie and two types of hats: Agnese pillbox hat and Vibo forage hat.

  • Nocciola and Gianduia...

    Corbara’s professional wear: find out the bar uniforms in the trendy Nocciola (Hazel) and Gianduia colours.

    This series of bar uniforms, perfect for pastry shops and ice-cream shops too, is made of wrinkle free Gabardine Plus (100% Polyester), which is processed with a special technique that stamps a pattern, called “Vanity”, in relief.

    There are two models of aprons, both proposed with bib: Alassio Apron, often preferred by women as it is shorter, and Luino Apron, more suitable for the male figure for its generous dimensions...even though, as well as all our aprons, they are both unisex.

    As coordinated accessories, in addition to the pretty Armony Papillon, there is the nice Nodino, a kind of small women's tie (which arrives with the knot already done). In bar uniforms, hats cannot miss; in this series two models are proposed: the Vibo Forage Hat and the Agnese Pillbox Hat.

  • Striped Pinstripe Aprons

    Professional Wear: Pinstriped and Striped Aprons for Bar and Restaurant wear.

    This selection of bar uniforms is opened by the line of MockVest Aprons, characterized by the insertion of a fake pinstripe vest in the bib (the upper part of the apron), so as to ensure the same elegance of a vest with the comfort of an apron. Ideal for counter work, but often used also for table service, the MockVest Aprons are recommended for those who seek an practical and attractive one-size bar uniform. Available in Black Pinstriped and Navy Pinstriped and in two models: the Trento Apron, which is smaller in size and is therefore recommended for women, and the Cortina Apron, which is longer and has a wider bib, ideal for the male.

    Also in pinstriped fabric, the following models are also available: the Luino Apron and the Alassio Apron in the Black Bike Pinstriped colour, in addition to the Sassari Apron and the Parma Apron in the Light Blue Pinstriped and Burgundy Pinstriped colours. All pinstriped aprons are made of wrinkle free Victory Gabardine, a soft and comfortable 100% polyester fabric resistant to washes and to the intensive use typical of the work uniforms.

    The Rigato Reno line completes this line of Aprons particularly suitable for those who want an elegant and fashionable bar clothing. Available in two models, both with bib: the Pescara Apron is suitable for women thanks to its smaller dimensions, while the Riccione Apron is suitable for men. These aprons are made of resistant polyester blend (65% Cotton 35% Polyester) San Donato Gabardine.

  • Ring Burgundy Aprons

    Corbara Professional Clothing: discover the Ring Burgundy line of Bar Cafeteria and Pastry Shop Aprons.

    A line of professional clothing designed for bars or for pastry shops-cafeterias, the Ring Burgundy aprons are characterized by a delicate geometric "check" pattern in cream color on a Burgundy background.   Made in durable 100% wrinkle free polyester Gabardine Plus, the Ring Burgundy Aprons are long wearing, suitable for the intensive use of a typical coffee shop counter; the polyester fabric, in fact, does not fear wear or repeated washing, even with products containing chlorine (bleach).

    There are two models of aprons proposed in this selection of bar and cafeteria clothing:
    - Prato apron, a model with bib, with a unisex fit, suitable for both male and female workers

    - Siena apron, short model, with large pocket, also in unisex fit
    and two caps to match: the Ester Hat and the funny Gastby Flat Cap.

    A work uniform is not complete without a coordinated tie: in addition to the classical model there is the Nodino short tie, a graceful model dedicated to the fairer sex.

  • Bar Small Aprons

    Corbara’s Professional Wear: “minimal” style Waist Small Aprons for a modern and young bar wear.

    In this series of professional wear the small aprons without bib (also called waist small aprons) are presented in six different colours, perfect for a young and practical bar wear. Made of wrinkle free polyester Gabardine, all the aprons can also be washed in the washing machine at high temperatures with an ensured long duration.

    These are the models available:
    - Novara Apron, for those who prefer a longer model, 45 cm of length, with a practical central pocket. Colours available: Black, Burgundy, Red and Green.
    - Bergamo Apron, 27 cm of length, for those who wish a “minimal” dimension; with wide central pocket. Colours available: Black.
    - Davantino Apron, 40 cm of length, without pockets. Available colours: Pinstriped Black and Pinstriped Blue.
    - Marsala Apron, 35 cm of length and narrower than the previous ones, it has a wide central pocket. Available colour: Black.

    Several other models of aprons are available in our selection of professional wear for Bars and Restaurants: discover all the available colours in the upper menu.

  • Restaurant Accessories

    Professional wear for Restaurants and Bars: Ties, Bow Ties and all the Accessories for catering uniforms

    An indispensable accessory for Restaurant and Bar professional wear, the ties, bow ties, scarves and other accessories in this section of the site make your uniform complete and unique.

    Accessories for Restaurants and Bars Uniforms

    In the sub-categories Caps, Bow Ties and Ties you will find unisex caps, Bow Ties and Ties in solid colors and coordinated patterns to be combined with the Vests and Aprons in this category.

    Under Women's bow ties we propose women's ties that are shorter than traditional ties, models Gala, Alice, Nodino and Ribbons.

    In the sub-category Jerseys and Sleeveless Jerseys we offer men's and women's Jerseys and Sleeveless Jerseys in knitted cotton blend, ideal for serving at the bar and restaurant in the mid-seasons.

    This section of professional attire is completed by the Various Accessories category, with service Gloves, elastic Band, spare Buttons and gold and silver epaulets.


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