uses cookies: what are they and how do we use them?

Information on cookies

A cookie is a little text file that is sent to your surfing program (browser) and downloaded on the PC or mobile device, and allows to store information concerning your visit, such as for example the language you chose or the elements you added to your cart.
Cookies are useful, since they allow our web site to recognize the user during its following visit and improve the surfing experience.

What information do we gather and why do we gather it?

Corbaraweb’s web site, such as almost all web sites, uses the cookies to improve the user’s surfing experience and optimize the performance of the web site. Particularly, through the cookies:

- We customize the user’s visit: the preferences shown during the first visit can be used to improve the following one;

- We analyse the number of users that access the site: which are the most viewed pages, the frequency and length of the display;

- We adapt advertisement depending on the products displayed on the site (remarketing), in order to offer to the user what he/she likes in the simplest and quickest way;

- The cookies aren’t used to gather the users’ names or e-mail addresses.

Which cookies do we use?

There are several types of cookies. Here is a list of the types of cookies that can be used in the web site, with a description of the reason why they are used:

- Technical Cookies (essential for the web site operation)

The surfing or session technical cookies are indispensable for the correct surfing of the web site, allowing for example to buy something or to log in and access private areas; these cookies aren’t used for other purposes and are installed directly when you access the web site, since without them some necessary services wouldn’t function.

- Analytics technical cookies (used to carry out the aggregate analysis of the visits to the web site)

The analytics cookies are used to gather aggregate information on the number of users and on how they visit our site; for example the most displayed pages and the possible display of error messages by the web site. These cookies don’t gather information that could lead to understand who the visitors are, in fact all information obtained are aggregate (that is anonymous) and used only for statistical purposes.

For the analytic analysis, this web site makes use of Google Analytics, a system made available by Google Inc. For the privacy information:

- Third Parties Cookies for the interaction with live chat platforms (used to manage the chat)

This type of services allows to interact with the live chat platforms managed by third subjects; this allows users to contact the Customer Service while they are surfing among the pages of this web site. In case an interaction service with the live chat platforms is installed, even if the users are not using the service, it can collect Employment Data concerning the pages where it’s installed. Besides, the live chat conversations could be registered. For the live chat service, this site uses the service Zendesk Chat made available by Zendesk, Inc., subject that joined the Data Protection Shield. Processing place: United States. Personal data collected: cookies and data communicated while using the service.

For further information on Zandesk’s Data Protection Policy:

- Third Parties Cookies (used to manage the advertisement banners on other web sites)

The Third Parties Cookies are used by other companies and allow the user to display advertisement banners on other web sites, showing the last displayed products (Remarketing). For the remarketing management, this site makes use of the tool Remarketing Google Ads, made available by Google Inc. This tool allows to publish customized advertisements depending on the visits of the users on our site. That’s why some pages of the site include a code called “remarketing code”, that allows to read and configure the cookies of the browser in order to determine which type of advertisement will be displayed, depending on the data concerning your visit to the site. The remarketing lists created in this way are kept in a database of Google’s servers, where all the IDs of the cookies associated with each list or category of interest are kept. The information obtained allow to identify only the browser, since with this information Google cannot identify the user.

For further information on Google Ads: and and

Cookies acceptance (consent)

The technical cookies and technical analytical cookies (as determined by the Data Protection Authority) don’t need an explicit consent and, therefore, they are installed directly when the users access the web site.

For third parties’ cookies, instead, users have to explicitly accept the sending to their browser, by clicking on “I Accept” in the lower banner displayed at the opening of the web site. For third parties’ cookies, please refer to the relevant management pages, as previously specified.

How can you disable the cookies?

Most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are configured to accept the cookies. The cookies stored on the hard disk of your device can be cancelled but consider that if you block the cookies you won’t be able to use some functions of the web site you are visiting.

Here you can find the directions of the main browsers in order to disable the cookies:



-Microsoft Edge: