Shirt & Trousers 

Accessories of Work Clothes for Waiters: shirts, skirts and trousers.

Shirts have a prominent position in Work Clothes for waiter. In this section you will find a large assortment of shirts for both men and women, in pure cotton and in mixed polyester and cotton fabric, recommended for the uniforms of Restaurant and Bar.

From classic to close-fitting models, this section includes a variety of shirts, both in basic colors like white and black, as well as modern and contemporary colors such as Beige, Colonial, Light Gray and London Gray.

Several models of male and female trousers and skirts complete the work clothes included in this section.

Work Clothes: shirts, skirts and trousers

In the sub-category Waiter Shirts we present the shirts in polyester and cotton fabric; these are shirts long-lasting, they wrinkle less than pure cotton and are therefore ideal for the waiters uniforms.

In the sub-category Short Sleeves Shirts, you will find the short sleeve summer shirts, excellent for those who want an item that is particularly fresh and comfortable.

The sub-category Close-fitting Shirts includes "slim" wear stretch cotton shirts.

In the sub-category Women’s Skirts and Trousers and Men’s Trousers, you will find classic and modern styles in Black and Blue. The items, in this section are all suitable for working in Restaurants e Bars.

Subcategories Shirt & Trousers

  • Waiter Shirts

    Corbara Workwear: work shirts in cotton blend for restaurants.

    Made of mixed composition (65% Polyester and 35% Cotton), the shirts in this section of work clothes, are particularly suitable for waiter and barman uniforms. They have, in fact, certain advantages that are indispensable for products aimed for waiter uniforms:

    - The shirts made in mixed fabric do not crease even after many hours of use, and are therefore ideal for waiters or bartenders that wear a vest or apron, with a good part of the shirt in sight; 
    - The mixed composition fabric is very durable and the color resistance to washing is excellent. Therefore, with this material, it is possible to make shirts also in dark colors which will not fade quickly;
    - Lastly, these shirts are ironed with great ease and speed.
    On the other hand, it is necessary to point out that the shirts in polycotton are less breathable, precisely because of the synthetic fiber they contain, and for this reason they are warmer in summer compared to the pure cotton shirts recommended for reception.

    Two fits available: regular-fit with Platino for men and Diamante for women, and close-fit with Vanadio and Perla (male and female respectively) and Coreana.

  • Short Sleeves Shirts

    Work clothes by Corbara: short sleeves shirts.

    In this section of work clothes, we introduce our collection of short-sleeved shirts, both for men and for women; being garments to be worn in summer, they are made of transpiring pure cotton (except for Zaffiro shirt, that is made of polycotton).

    The shirts Cristall (for women) and Platino (for men) are white, with a classic and linear cut and therefore they are recommended for barmen/barwomen or for waiters/waitresses working next to the swimming-pool.

    Casablanca shirts, with nice little flap pockets and cuff sleeves, and Galena shirts, striped blue with white parts, are the summer alternative to the jacket, for the Front Office operators in resorts and holiday villages.

    This selection of short-sleeved shirts is completed by the model for women called Zaffiro, with round collar, a service shirt to be used in several occasions, for example at breakfast.

  • Close-Fitting Shirts

    Corbara Workwear: Close-fitting work shirts.

    From the particular close fit obtained using a very small percentage of elastic fiber, the close-fitting shirts are used when the work clothes are required must be comfortable and practical and with a good fit; this makes them ideal for waiter uniforms (e.g. combined with an apron) or, mainly in the colored versions, for a modern alternative to bar clothing.

    Available for men, in long sleeves, and women in the three-quarter sleeve model and in long sleeves, the close-fitting shirts have that typical Slim fit, (far less obvious when you buy a larger size).

    They are particularly appreciated by those who wear them for their perfect fit and comfort in movements: the fabric is somewhat elastic, in fact, it makes this garment comfortable to wear and follows the movements of the wearer. Furthermore, although these are cotton garments (the composition is 97% Cotton, 3% Elastan), these close-fitting shirts do not wrinkle easily and are easy to iron.

    Different colors for the shirts in this selection of work clothes: in addition to classic White and Black, we offer several youthful colors such as Light Grey and London Grey, Beige and Colonial, ideal for modern bar and restaurant uniforms.

  • Skirts and Pants Women

    Corbara Workwear: Waitress Skirts and Pants for Restaurants and Bars.

    Made with wrinkle free gabardine, a fabric that ensures excellent durability in time and looks "like new" even after many washes, the clothes, skirts and female pants in this workwear section are targeted for Restaurant and Bar waitresses.

    Available in two colors: apart from the traditional black, which can be matched to almost all of the restaurant and bar uniforms on this site, there is the Blue color (navy and marine), to match some aprons and vests proposed in this shade.

    We propose three skirt models: Giada, a classic sheath dress with waistband, Ametista, a more modern sheath dress without waistband and a Wrapover model. For trousers: we have Rubino, with a classic leg and side closure, Topazio, with a particular wide leg, and the most modern Nila and Roberta, with central closure.

    You do not like polyester garments? Browse the reception category: you will find numerous pants and skirts in fresh wool and wool blend, ideal for those who prefer the freshness and comfort of natural fibers.

  • Trousers Men

    Corbara Workwear: Waiter and bartender trousers.

    The trousers in this category of work clothes, dedicated to waiters and the other restaurant and bar workers, are made in a completely wrinkle-free fabric that ensures long wear and looks "like new" even after many washes; for those who prefer garments in light wool, there are also two trousers ideal for a service manager or other executive figures.

    Below is a small list of models:
    - Titanio, classic, pleated front and front pockets (also available in light wool);
    - Mercurio, classic, pleated front and front pockets, similar to Titanio but in lightweight polyester fabric;
    - Saturno, modern, flat front and with front pockets;
    - Callisto, modern, flat front and with front pockets; similar to Saturno but in lightweight polyester fabric;
    - Plutone, modern, flat front and with western style pockets;
    - Nettuno, modern, flat front and lowered waistline (available only in light wool).


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