Did you ever concretely considered that the professional wear could be an important investment for your company?

When you think of professional uniforms you shouldn’t consider only the practical and functional aspect. This is essential – of course – but there’s another evaluation that deserves your attention. Professional wear is also a communication and reputation tool, a resource that brings value to the company.

In this post, we are going to understand why and how professional uniforms are an investment that pays even in the long period.

Why is professional wear an investment?

The success of a brand depends on two indispensable ingredients, that is:

  • The quality of its commercial offer (goods or services sold on the market)
  • The way in which all available communication tools are employed coherently and to its advantage to spread and amplify its value and commercial message.

That’s where the professional wear comes into play.

Among the countless communication tools at a company’s disposal (poster art, brochure, web site, social network, blog, gadgets), clothing has a very important role since – once worn – it represents the company.

Professional Wear for Restaurants and Bars

Now let’s analyse in detail what it entails and study the advantages of professional uniforms.

1. Professional wear is a brand reputation tool.

Once worn, professional wear is a way to communicate the brand values, its history, and mission.

Professional uniforms spread and strengthen the identity and image of the brand and contribute to enhancing them with a powerful immediacy.

2. Professional uniforms foster the sense of belonging

More than being a powerful external medium of communication (addressed to customers, suppliers, and all the company’s stakeholders), professional uniforms represent an inner communication tool.

Wear a personalized uniform enhances the sense of belonging of people towards the brand: the operators and professionals of your company will feel part of a community and will be cohesion agents.

A company that can build a team based on cohesion and on the sense of belonging can achieve the business objectives it wishes and is destined to have success with time. People animate the company, therefore stimulating them to belong is an essential investment for every brand.

3. The professional and personalized wear stimulates recognizability and memory

Professional and personalized uniforms with the brand logo facilitate its memorization and memory.

The more we undergo a visual stimulus, the more we memorize it and can recognize it even after a lot of time. Recognizability is a precious resource for a brand and its positioning in the mind of the final consumer.

4. Professional uniforms communicate professionalism

When you enter a restaurant, a shop, a hotel, a bar and – in general – a company and all people working there wear a uniform, you immediately notice it. And you also notice whether the uniform has a particular character, is consistent with the identity of the brand, is even, comfortable, elegant, and branded.

You immediately have a feeling of professionalism and security: you are in a place where nothing is left to chance, where people take care of you.

5. Every member of the staff is recognizable

Being able to recognize immediately and easily a member of the staff is important for everybody: it makes people feel safe and avoid them to have a careful look around to understand to whom they should address to ask a question, place an order, etc.

Professional wear is an excellent investment since it makes customers feeling comfortable, avoiding embarrassing situations and communicates attention and professionalism.

6. Professional wear increases the sensation of quality of the product or service

For all reasons you read up to here, the professional and personalized wear ensures companies even another important advantage: it enhances the sensation of quality of the product or service offered to the final customer.

When a service or product is concretely considered a quality product/service:

  • The sales grow
  • The customers retention rate increases
  • Even the price required for that product or service can increase.

Why should you choose Corbara?

The professional wear by Corbara has three particular features that make it so loved all the time:

  • The care for look and style
  • The excellent, practical, comfortable, and elegant wearability
  • The durability and resistance in time

Besides, a very important feature of our company is the choice to offer continuity of the offer with time, that is offering the same professional wear even after months or years. In this way, we protect the investment and image of our customers.

For example, if you are the owner or manager of a hotel and you purchased a big quantity of uniforms for the front office, when a new resource will join the team, you will be able to buy only the professional uniform you need. You won’t be obliged to buy new uniforms for all professionals working there only because a new employee has been hired and you want to preserve the uniformity of the image.

For us, this means having our customers at heart.

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