What’s the first thing you look at when you choose the professional wear you want to buy?

You check the workmanship, the care for details, and you let the garments wearability convince you or not.

We perfectly know what is really important for you and your company: for three generations we have been dedicating every day to produce garments that will have the essential role of communicating the image of your brand and be worn with practicality.

The 3 features of the garments by Corbara

Our uniforms are characterized by:

  • The care for appearance
  • The excellent wearability
  • The durability in time

Often, the appearance is not a priority for professional wearing; in fact, people think that uniforms can even be little attractive to look at. Instead, our handcrafted production demonstrates that the tailoring quality and the style typical of Made in Italy can make unique and stylish even working clothes.

In the meantime, however, it’s essential that the appearance keeps peace with functionality: professional wear has to be comfortable, practical and allow easy movements.

Another typical feature of our garments is the durability ensured in time. The professional wear by Corbara resists at the employment and washing, even for a long period.

Why should you choose the professional wear by Corbara

Hands and technology, handcrafted production, and innovation: the result is a garment with an excellent quality, unique and with a faultless wearability.

  • professional wear manufacturer

  • professional wear made in Italy

Choosing our professional wear ensures you several important advantages:

  • The quality and character of Made in Italy. All our garments are made completely in Italy, in our company.
  • The production joins craftsmanship to the most advanced technologies: that union ensures the best result
  • We have been specialized for three generations in the production of uniforms for hotels, bars, restaurants, and commercial businesses. In the course of time, we consolidated our experience and professionalism, resources that provide their fruits in the realization of practical garments, with a distinctive style and an excellent wearability.
  • Our delivery times are short. Thanks to the garments we have already realized and that are available in our warehouse for an immediate delivery, we can reach you in a very short time, wherever you are, both in Italy and abroad.
  • We offer you the money-back guarantee: you have 30 days of time to try our garments and, in case something doesn’t convince you, you can send them back and ask for a refund.
  • Our prices are among the cheapest on the market, in spite of the high quality of the raw material we use and of our production process. This can happen because we are a direct producer, so that we can offer you quality products with a really profitable price.

Do you want to have a look at our professional garments?

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