Hotel uniforms are a powerful tool of business communication. Moreover they are also a useful tool to give the right importance to all professionals who enliven the hotel and guarantee customers the best experience possible.

Purchase professional, comfortable and elegant uniforms for hotel is important to:

  • Convey the corporate image in a way that is reliable and consistent with the brand identity
  • Coordinate the corporate image
  • Communicate seriousness and reliability to customers and suppliers
  • Enhance the professionals who cooperate with your company
  • Promote remembrance of your company, if you have a customized hotel uniform, such as those you can buy from us.

How to choose hotel uniforms?

When you choose work uniforms for your hotel you have to consider several factors:

  • The role of each professional, because on this depend the needs and the requirements of each one and the work uniform must be able to interpret and respect them
  • Your corporate identity and the coordinate image that you want to communicate. In fact, each hotel is a brand and each brand communicates its own identity, its own image and its values in a different and distinctive way
  • The need to coordinate the style of work uniforms of all professionals who work in your hotel. They are those who represent your company

hotel uniforms for receptionists

Hotel uniforms by Corbara

For years, our company has been highly aware of the importance of quality uniforms, wear-resistant and capable of interpret both the needs of the hotel and those of professionals who wear them to perform the different work functions.

That’s why our professional clothing are:

  • Designed to be comfortable and elegant at the same time
  • Handcrafted and entirely made in Italy
  • Ductile and excellent fit for any body shape
  • Designed to guarantee durability over time

Do you want to buy work uniforms for your hotel and have a lot of questions running through your head?

Here’s all the most important requests for information that we have received over the years from our customers and potential customers. We have created a sort of buying guide that, we are sure, will come in handy.

How many uniforms to buy for each person who works in hotel?

There is not an exact number of uniforms you must – or should – buy.

What matters is to provide the required changing of uniforms and this varies especially according to the task performed by every single person.

For example, for kitchen uniforms, workplace where it’s easier stain professional garments, we suggest at least 3 changes for each person. In other cases, such as receptionist uniform, can be enough 2 jackets, 2 trousers and 3 shirts (which need to be changed and washed more frequently).

How can you guarantee the continuity of work clothes over time?

A doubt that we answer frequently has to deal with the need for any replenishments and addition of hotel uniforms over time.

Our company guarantees the possibility to make new orders of garments already purchased even after long time.

This is an aspect to which we pay a lot of attention, because we are aware that hotels often need to restock their uniforms, to integrate them or replace some items professional garments.

To ensure this possibility we use exclusively fabrics from leading companies, that – in turn- guarantee the continuity of fabrics. Furthermore, we store a stock of fabric for at least one year even when the garment is out of the catalog.

Agents or direct sale?

By corporate choice, we make direct sale of hotel uniforms e we decided to not build a network of agents in Italy.

This allows us to have direct relationship with our customers and to listen to all their needs.

Are you undecided about the garments to order or you don’t know our products?

You can make a trial purchase, even for only one garments, to verify the quality, the manufacture and the fit of our products. After evaluating it, you can decide to keep it or, if the state of the garment is new, you can return it and request a refund or the replacement with other products.

How can you buy our hotel uniforms?

You can buy our garments right here, on our website. You’ll find also the section dedicated to the monthly specials.

Otherwise, you can write us at or you can contact us at the number +39 089 772 4799.

Do you want to come and visit us at the company?

We are waiting for you. You can find us in Salerno, in the industrial area, in Via Mecio Gracco 6.

If you come to us, you can also visit our showroom with the exhibition of all our uniforms and you can also see our production. You’ll see with your eyes how our garments are made.

Are the prices shown on the website and the catalogue fixed? Is there the possibility of having a discount?

The price of our professional garments arises from the combination of two factors:

  • The best quality
  • The best price

For this reason, the price that you find on the website and on the catalogue are fixed, but every month we activate various promotions.

How to request a quote?

You can send us the list of products you are interested on and the relative quantity you need.

In addition, you have to specify if you need to customize the hotel uniforms with your logo.

You can tell us all the information through the contact form and we’ll reply quickly with the details of the supply and our quotation.

What payment methods are available for the purchase of hotel uniforms?

These are the payments methods required by our company:

  • Cash on delivery upon receipt of goods
  • Advance bank transfer
  • Credit card payment
  • Paypal

We don’t offer the option of deferred payment.

How work uniforms are invoiced?

For Italy we issue the electronic invoice at the time of shipment of garments and we forward it to you through the SDI exchange system. For other countries we issue the invoice at the time of shipment of garments and insert it inside the package.

In case of advance payment, if the immediate shipment of goods is not planned, we issue the invoice for the amount corresponding to the payment received and, at the moment of shipment of goods, we issue invoice and the balance.

How we assure the quality of Corbara hotel uniforms?

In many years of experience, we have refined different techniques to guarantee you the best quality of the hotel uniforms we produce:

  • Particular attention in the selection of the fabrics we use
  • The study of models with excellent wearability
  • A very accurate internal production, with specific sample quality checks and on finished garments


  • For three generations we have been specialized in the production of uniforms for hotel, restaurants and bars
  • For as many years we have been suppliers of thousands of structures that continue to entrust us with the supply of their professional uniforms, renewing the trust for our company

In addition, from us you can buy your professional clothing items with confidence thanks to the Money Back Guarantee.

Are you not satisfied of your purchases? You can return the garments and request a refund.

What are the features of the various hotel uniforms?

For more information about the models, the fabrics we use and all the features of the different hotel uniforms, read the in-depth article.


Do you want to immerse yourself in the Corbara world and discover all our hotel uniforms?

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Author: Ciro Corbara