Our Chocolate Maker jackets – realized exclusively for Italian chocolate masters – met with a great success at the recent Sigep in Rimini.

The Italian Chocolate Masters’ Academy present at the recent Sigep in Rimini with its stand dedicated to the introduction of its courses and of the works carried out by the Academy, chose Corbara for its official work uniforms, using a customized version of our Guglielmo Chocolate Maker Jacket, already present in the work cloths collection for Maya Marrone pastry shop.

The uniform met with a great success, in fact together with the president, Mr. Mirco Della Vecchia, we are studying the possibility of realizing a product sheet dedicated to those who attend the courses in the academy, so that they can buy the uniform directly.

The uniform details

The work clothes realized for Italian Chocolate Masters, in an elegant chocolate brown – as no other colour could better represent the excellent product identifying the academy – consists of a Chocolate Maker Jacket with side buttoning and a wide, beige apron with bib, ideal for the laboratory. On the jacket collar and on the sleeves covers there’s a white trimming and an elegant contrast is provided by the pull-out gold buttons. All embroideries are gold too; “Mirco Della Vecchia” embroidery, Corbara’s logo and – even more evident and effective – the embroidery on the back that reproduces the Academy’s logo.

Some information about the Italian Chocolate Master Academy

Born from an idea of Mr. Mirco Della Vecchia – former president of chocolate masters of “CNA Alimentare” Association and president of the distinguished Fine Chocolate Organization Association –, the academy was created in 2012 and is seated in Sospirolo, in Belluno’s Dolomites National Park, on a wide surface of 1,500 square meters, holding three dedicated laboratories - the most important is “cocoa laboratory”-, more than the large (inner and outer) relax areas.

The academy – whose main objectives are training the future chocolate masters and spreading the Italian chocolate culture in the world – offers several courses destined both to chocolate lovers and to professionals: chefs, ice-cream makers, restaurant owners and chocolate makers who want to specialize in this discipline.

For further information on the academy, please visit the official website at www.corsidicioccolato.it and the president’s personal website at www.mircodellavecchia.it