The company Corbara from Salerno has been producing work uniforms for hotels, restaurants and coffee bars - more than table linen, chair covers and table skirts - for more than three generations.

The owner of the family company is Mr. Ciro Corbara, who ensures customized design and realization in a very short time depending on the customers’ needs. “In order a hotel to stand out”, Mr. Ciro Corbara specifies, “more than the building architecture and the design of interiors and furnishings, it must make its staff immediately recognizable. That’s why the uniforms must be coordinated as to model and colour, more than being practical and elegant at the same time. A choice that provides the hotel with its particular image and must be designed depending on the type of surrounding environment. For example, if a design hotel wants to stand out for its oriental style, the uniforms shouldn’t be classical.” For such purpose Corbara has a very wide experience, thanks to the work of the inner style centre that often interacts with the architect of the hotel in order to coordinate decorative elements.

This working style is very appreciated, in fact Corbara’s professional wear was chosen for the staff of the refined Meneghino Restaurant in the serial “Benvenuti a Tavola, Nord vs Sud” that was on the air in May on Canale 5.

Orders under control

On Corbara’s catalogue there are several proposals, which are constantly updated. More than the very popular and classical front office Blue Sailor line, particularly interesting for the new season is the ecru summer line with jackets made of blue lightweight wool, trousers and skirts made of ecru cotton and shirts of white cotton. All uniforms are characterized by the quality of the semi-sartorial manufacture - indispensable for garments that must be worn several hours a day, - by a price proportionate to the quality of the product, the wide range of products available in the warehouse (delivery within 48 hours), the flexibility in the realization of tailored garments as to size, colour and model, and the safety purchase with “Money-back guarantee”.

For each garment a detailed description of the product is available with high resolution pictures, washing recommendations and sizes table. In the end, the customer can check in real time (on the web) the status of the order.

Charm collection is Corbara’s professional wear 2012 new collection. Gathered in 180 pages, there are thousand proposals depending on the task. The products range from receptionists’ suits to maintenance men’s uniforms, from chambermaids’ dresses to jackets and aprons for waiters and barmen. They can be bought on line on the web site

Article by Rodolfo Guarnieri, published on PIANETA HOTEL on June 2012.