Everyone knows that customers, at the arrival, focus their attention not only on spaces, atmospheres and furnishings, but also on the staff’s uniforms, appraising and introducing them in the total judgment they give to the hotel. The image of the staff is essential, in particular the one of the front office staff, that’s the first one who interact with the customer. However, also the look of chambermaids, barmen or waiters is important and so the choice of the uniforms requires the maximum attention and is a detail that must be carefully valued and considered.


Which is the best style to choose? Sober and classical or minimal and contemporary? There’s not a single rule valid for all structures, but it would be better to choose the professional wear in line with the identity and spirit of the structure. Often, interior designers define lines and shades also of the uniforms, outlining the total style of the hotel and ensuring the immediate recognisability – above all through logos and colours – of the staff of the structure.

If guidelines are not provided by those who designed the hotel, the owners of the hotel/restaurant usually turn to companies specialized in the sector of hospitality to realize a study of the whole line of clothes, from receptionists to waiters, from barmen to maintenance men: the whole staff of the hotel must offer an image in line with the style and philosophy of the structure.

The best solution is therefore turning to companies that know the hotel needs and can offer a wide range of models – preferably ready for delivery – and that can realize customized garments to meet particular style requirements and non-standard garments, so that all people have a uniform suitable for their build.

A good producer should be able to ensure the continuity in delivery of garments for at least 2 years, in case integrations are needed and for the necessary replacement of worn uniforms that cannot be used anymore. Besides, the quality of the tissue and making is really essential, as the garments are worn several hours a day and must always ensure the maximum comfort and wearability, resulting impeccable even after a whole working day.

People wearing these garments must feel at ease. They should be indestructible and ensure an excellent resistance to the daily and intensive use. We shouldn’t forget, in fact, that we are always speaking of work clothes.


The company stands out for its made in Italy unique style, recognizable from an always modern and current cut, from the semi-sartorial quality and the employment of the best tissues and accessories.

The company proposes very comfortable and excellent garments, indispensable features for an uniform that must be worn several hours a day. As to the service, Corbara ensures to the hotels also a range of products always ready for delivery, the maximum flexibility in realizing customized garments and the guarantee of a safe purchase with the “Money-back guarantee”.

You can buy Corbara’s uniforms directly online, on the company’s web site www.corbaraweb.com, in a simple and immediately way.

Among the several products, we choose Maratea dress, belonging to the Blue Sailor Front Office Line, that can be worn in spring as a pinafore dress - only with a shirt and without any jacket -, or in winter, together with the jacket for a more elegant and traditional outfit. Available in the Blue Sailor colour, this garment is made of Marzotto lightweight wool, suitable for the four seasons.


published on the magazine TURISMO D’ITALIA in December 2013