The line of uniforms for hotels is enriched with new garments dedicated to doormen: Savoia overcoat and San Marino jacket. These elegant garments preserve the professional look of the operator also in case of intense use: a tissue that crumples after a few movements would damage the image of a luxury hotel or reduce the perception of its prestige, while the composition 100% polyester makes these garments always perfect, durable and comfortable. Thought to be elegant but discreet, both garments prefer silver to golden details and adopt a classical black as main colour.

Savoia is a lined overcoat for men long up to the knee and embellished by a silver braid; it has a classical cut, three buttons and is completed with silver epaulettes and with a string to fix the whistle, indispensable accessory for a doorman. This overcoat is designed to be worn together with Saturno black trousers, belonging to our line of uniforms for hotels, and with our hat with black peak and silver braid that starts off in our collection precisely for this purpose.

To complete this line of uniforms for hotels, Savoia overcoat can be worn together with San Marino jacket: an unlined jacket with six buttons, destined to porters and doormen. This garment is characterized by the mandarin collar and silver details. The epaulettes and the braid make this uniform distinguishing, elegant and discreet at the same time. Made with the same material of the overcoat, but obviously lighter, it’s realized in order not to bother the operator, after several hours of service too. San Marino jacket is also designed to be worn with Saturno black trousers and with the hat with black peak available in our catalogue.

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