In our 2015 catalogue you’ll find some excellent novelties, such as Italia Best Chef Jacket: a representation garment beautiful to be seen and nice to wear, particularly suitable for those who love made in Italy products. A jacket that can be used both in the kitchen and while serving at the tables, that ensures a perfect wearability and a big practicality, together with a particularly refined look.

Dedicated to chefs and chefs executives, Italia Best Chef jacket has the Italian flag embroidered on the collar and under the left pocket. Corbara’s logo is present on the right sleeve and the “best chef” embroidery – from where its name derives – lies in the front part of the same side. The most important embroidery, however, is the one that makes this jacket a personal and customized garment: the name of the chef who wears it.

The elegance of Italia Best Chef Jacket is completed by the golden buttons, that create a contrast with the white jacket.

All garments of Corbara’s line are created for professionals at work, and Italia Best Chef Jacket isn’t an exception: realized with Comfort satin “cotton on the skin”, it provides a nice feeling when worn and leaves the maximum freedom of movement thanks to the fold on the back. The practical aspect of the garment is completed by two pockets, by another pocket hidden on the right side and by micromesh parts that make the jacket particularly fresh and, as a consequence, suitable for the hot environment of professional kitchens. The quality of materials and making, in the end, ensure to the garment a remarkable wear, even after an intense use and several washings.

Italia Best Chef Jacket is completed by Italia white apron, a long model with white cuff and black profile. It’s also decorated with the logo “Italia” and the Italian flag. It’s made of 100% polyester gabardine plus. 


Corbara, we dress professionals.