Have you got a pastry shop with a sophisticated image? Or a refined bar? Or a quality ice-cream shop?

Corbara offers the ideal solution, completely made in Italy, to all the professionals dealing with the public: Alassio and Luino Vanity Aprons.

These garments have been planned with a particular care, aimed at ensuring an impeccable aesthetics and the maximum functionality. These requirements make Corbara’s two aprons indispensable garments, able to make a difference for your company’s image. Both models with bib and two useful pockets, are made 100% polyester plus gabardine, a material with raised pattern called “Vanity” making the garment elegant and innovative.

The aprons are one size only, adjustable and unisex, even if often men prefer the longer and wider model Luino, while women like the most the elegance of the shorter model Alassio, fitting at the waist.

Planned even for long shifts, these garments are very comfortable and strong: flour, coffee powder or squirts won’t be a problem for you anymore! No problem with washing either! Due to the need of being always impeccable in front of the public, our aprons underwent a particular wrinkle free processing, that exalts the simple, refined and particular design.

Depending on the preferences and needs, they can be matched with special accessories: the bow tie, the creative and nice Nodino or the hats.


Alassio and Luino aprons are available in two colours: gianduia and hazelnut. Ready for delivery and offered at a very competitive price, Alassio and Luino aprons, such as all Corbara’s garments, benefit from a 30 days money back guarantee policy.

Providing elegance and personality to your pastry shop, ice-cream shop or bar has never been so easy.


Corbara, we dress professionals.