Eight couples coming from Belgium, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Portugal and Taiwan will challenge each other in the Sigep International BreadCup. All couples can count on the most modern tools and the best garments, of course made by Corbara. Who will combine the skill as a Bakery Master to the state-of-the-art? 

Don’t miss the great yearly appointment for Bakery professionals and you’ll discover it. Sigep International Bread Cup – Bread in the city, will take place in Rimini’s Exhibition Area from 17th to 21st January. This year it will be animated also by the competing couples. The winners will be judged after having prepared several types of bread (with different shapes and flavours), sandwiches, cakes, savoury pies and viennoiseries. 


The Uniform

All competitors will wear Corbara’s uniform, created on purpose for the event: a uniform designed to be elegant and representative, but most of all functional.

The material of which the jacket is made, ensures a considerable resistance and the best wearability, in order to provide the competitors with the maximum freedom of movement during the 8 hours at their disposal. Considering the length of the competition, we decided to create a soft and comfortable uniform, that can be worn in direct contact with the skin.

Practical and beautiful, this uniform has a double row of gold buttons, the same colour has been chosen to embroider the name of the competitor on the breast, the European star on the collar and Corbara’s logo on the right sleeve. The logo of the event is embroidered on the right frontal part of the jacket, while Richemont’s one is on the left frontal part, just under the competitor’s name and the pocket. The left sleeve carries the sponsors’ logos: Pool Pack and Molino Grassi – Corman and Lesaffre for the staff’s jacket.

The elegant jacket is matched with the useful and functional apron, that’s white too, but embellished by a black rim.


The organizers

The event Sigep International Bread Cup – Bread in the city – is created and cared by the Richemont Club Italy and will take place during the Sigep – A.B. TECH EXPO, the only exhibition in Europe able to gather the whole production and distribution cycle together with artisanal cakes, quality coffee and art of bread.

Corbara will attend the Exhibition too – Stand 18 – Pavilion B – with garments, samples, catalogues and all the experience, enthusiasm and will of doing that always guided our brand.

For further information, please visit the Club Richemont web site

or download the brochure from official web site.