On 24th and 25th October, Host Milan Fair was the location of two tempting and artistic World Championships: Pastry World Championship and Cake Designer World Championship. The events, sponsored by the Italian Pastry Federation marked also the sweet conclusion of Expo Milan 2015, their second promoter.

The teams of 13 Countries, each one of them made by 3 Pastry Chefs and relevant Team Coach, challenged each other among wonderful chocolate sculptures and pralines, cakes, sugar paste and single dose ice creams with a surreal look.

The prize for the winning team of this first edition of the event was the distinguished World Trophy of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate. The location chosen offered a surface of more than two thousand square meters, mounted on purpose.


mondiale Fip foto 1 mondiale Fip foto 2


The winner was the new and spectacular Japanese Team, whose works were inspired by Japan: sugar whales, the evolution of the Earth made with tablets and the chocolate reinterpretation of the flight of the birds. The team also won the prize for the Best Artistic Sculpture. The Italian Team, qualified at the second place, based its sculptures on the art and mechanics of photography and won the prize for the Best Modern Cake.

Such a careful organization led also to a precise choice for the uniforms that needed an unexceptionable quality and had to be consistent with the importance of the event from an aesthetical point of view, more than being absolutely practical for the teams. That’s why the organizers chose Corbara’s professional wear and we realized a special uniform for the event.


divise mondiali foto 1 divise mondiali foto 2


On the uniform’s collar there were the flags of all participating Countries, the name of the Pastry Chef and relevant team embroidered in gold on the frontal part of the uniform, just above the FIPGC’s logo and the logo of the event “The World Trophy of Pastry Ice Cream Chocolate”, present also on the apron. The logos “Corbara” and “Host” on the right and left sleeve completed the aesthetical look of the uniform: a practical model with five buttons and breathable parts, with a very nice look.


Corbara, we dress professionals … and world champions.