Continuous innovation is the core of our company: we make research, experiments, and tests with the purpose of producing the best professional garments able to join quality, appearance, and functionality.

In our company, craftsmanship always keeps peace with experimentation and the employment of leading techniques. We think this is the best way to listen to our customers’ requirements and meet them.

This year, at the SIA Hospitality Design exhibition we’ll show you the novelties we introduced in our collection of uniforms for hotels and restaurants.

What’s SIA Hospitality Design?

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  • SIA Hospitality Design is an international hospitality exhibition, the only exhibition in Italy to be exclusively dedicated to hospitality and innovations in the reception sector.

    The 2022 edition will host the leading companies in hotel hospitality, promoting innovation and opening to novelties with an unprecedented look.

    In the exhibition area of Rimini you’ll find well-known companies in the fields of interior design, gifts and fancy goods, hotel services, audio and video technologies, reservation management systems, supplies, cosmetics, outdoor furniture and design.

    In three days, you’ll discover all the most important novelties in the hospitality sector, and you will start profitable relationshipsfor the growth of your network and business.

TTG Travel Experience, the exhibition for the promotion of Italian tourism in the world

Together with the International Hospitality Exhibition takes place also the TTG – Travel Experience 2022, the International Exhibition of Italian Tourism in the world

The TTG Travel Experience’s purposes are:

  • Promoting the Italian tourism in the world
  • Marketing the Italian tourist offer at international level
  • Awakening to a new theme every year. The 2022 edition is dedicated to Unbound, that is the need of introducing an innovative conception of tourism and hospitality, that considers all sensibilities and aims at enhancing every kind of emotion.

UNBOUND expresses the need of lightness and the wish of testing the unexplored things that unite modern travellers. That’s why the need of products and services able to adapt to the new profiles of the tourism consumers is born.

Why do we attend the SIA Hospitality Design exhibition?

We strongly believe in attending SIA Hospitality Design for several reasons:

  • It’s the most important Italian exhibition dedicated to the hospitality and tourism sector
  • It’s the best occasion to personally meet our customers, to start new relationships and enlarge our network
  • We can show a preview of all our novelties, derived from our continuous listening and testing skills
  • It’s the occasion to allow new people to know our elegant line of professional wearing for hotels, restaurants, and bars, very appreciated for the quality of the product and the competitive price
  • We can discover interesting and challenging novelties of the sector
  • It’s the perfect occasion to listen to the feedbacks of the people we meet, so that we can design and produce professional garments which are always able to meet the requirements and tastes of those who wear them.

Where you can find us at the SIA Hospitality Design exhibition

SIA Hospitality Design exhibition will take place in the Exhibition Area of Rimini, from 12th to 14th October 2022.
If you want to discover a preview of our new collection of uniforms for hotels and restaurants, we’ll be waiting for you in Pavilion D1, Stand 036.

map at SIA Hospitality Design

See you in Rimini!

In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at our uniforms for hotels and restaurants.

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