This year, we introduced in our catalogue another new and immediately appreciated clothing line: Nemo line. Dedicated to pastry and ice-cream shops, Nemo line can be immediately recognized thanks to its camouflage pattern in the tones of blue, air force blue and black. The protagonists of this clothing line for pastry shops are Marika jacket for women, Ametista skirt and Foggia and Pescara Aprons, that will convert your laboratory and your shop into the sweetest battlefield.

Marika Jacket for women is a garment designed for laboratory. The sleeve allows the wrists to freely move and work, while the light Soft-Fell Gabardine – 50% cotton and 50% polyester – protects the operator from the spots and squirts typical of the production stage of cakes and ice-creams. The collar protects without annoying and the whole pattern of the jacket is thought to meet the needs of pastry shops and ice-cream laboratories. The white colour shows up the camouflage pattern of the edge and the black pull-out buttons. The ideal garment to wear together with Marika laboratory jacket is Ametista skirt: a 56 cm long unlined sheath skirt - pleat to be made. It’s made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is designed to ensure resistance, comfort and freshness. Its pattern is the camouflage, typical of Nemo line.

The Nemo line aprons are unisex, suitable to serve both at the desk and at the tables. They are characterized by the typical camouflage pattern: an aesthetical detail able to remarkably change the look of your shop, providing it with personality and liveliness, particularly appreciated by youth. Pescara aprons are a long model and are made of Panama Gabardine 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Foggia apron, instead, is a short apron, with a single big pocket applied on the right side.

This nice line of wear for pastry and ice-cream shops is completed by particular accessories: little details that make aprons or jackets a real uniform. Toque cap and Nodino -a very practical tie with the knot already done -, show up the aesthetical choice of the camouflage, providing a sense of uniformity and a casual elegance to the operator’s look.

Corbara, we dress professionals.