The prestige of a place often derives from a mix of factors: the quality of the service, the excellence of the products, the care and research in furnishings; often the most careful operators choose working clothes for their staff with a particular attention, aware that a “well-chosen” working uniform – consistent with the style of their activity – enhanves the aspect and atmosphere in general. For those who prefer to strengthen the image and make the name of the place unforgettable for their customers – in other words for those who make branding – the ideal choice is buying customized work clothes carrying the logo of their activity.

That’s the case of the ice-cream shop and coffee bar called “Dalle Alpi all’Etna – Penisola del Gusto” (from Alpes to Etna – Taste peninsula). It’s a nice place seated in Rome that chose our uniforms with their logo embroidered on them. Our Amelia and Saronno aprons were carefully chosen by the owner, Mrs. Flavia Di Stazio and perfectly match with the seemingly simple - but actually very refined - style of the colours and furnishings used. The faithful reproduction of the logo, thanks to the embroidery technique, embellishes the aprons and reveals the careful choice of details and aesthetics.

Realized in a wide range of models and sizes to meet the needs of all those who must wear work clothes, Oro-Morocco Aprons line represents the ideal connection between the modern style and the elegance of the past: the class of the bright gold of the tissue takes you back in time, while the cut and practicality of the garment remind modernity.

The Amelia and Saronno aprons chosen by “Dalle Alpi all’Etna” with their logo embroidered, represent a valid choice of customized work clothes: practical – one size only – and very elegant.

Some information about “Dalle Alpi all’Etna”

The ice-cream shop and coffee bar, opened in summer 2011, is seated in Rome, along the way to Ostia, in a nice environmental-friendly area full of detached houses, pines and oleanders, people riding a bike or jogging.

It represents a sweet stop for people of all ages thanks to the big quantity of specialties it offers, all produced in Italian artisan laboratories – that cannot be bought through the large-scale retail trade – and the excellent own production products, such as ice-creams, yoghurts and the pizza prepared directly by the owner.

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