Are you looking for waiter’s aprons that combine functionality and aesthetics? Stop here. We suggest 8 ideas perfect for you.

waiter aprons

How to choose the right apron

The right waiter or bar’s apron is the one that manages to combine different needs:

  • The practicality and the functionality you need (you or your employees) while performing your daily work tasks
  • The aesthetics, quality and attention to design
  • The brand identity. Because professional clothing is a fundamental internal and external communication tool for every company (bar, restaurant, hotel, pastry shop). Work uniforms are an essential mean to coordinate the corporate image and to convey it in a reliable and consistent way to the brand identity. This is why every choice must be conscious and careful.

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When you choose restaurant apron you have to consider:

  • the concrete tasks you have to perform and the specific needs
  • the corporate image you want to communicate
  • how much you care about details
  • the durability over time that garments offer you
  • the customization you can make on each work uniform. Because even the customization expresses and enhances the identity of your brand.

Aprons for bar and restaurant

The Corbara waiter’s aprons are designed to satisfy the needs of bars, ice-cream parlors, pastry shops and restaurants.

They are available in various colors and each model has specific style and quality features. Almost all the models presented are available in two different dimension, one more suitable for men and the other more suitable for women.

8 ideas for aprons for waiter (and waitress)

  • hemp-like aprons

    Hemp-like Aprons

  • restaurant and bar bistro aprons

    Bistro Aprons

If you love contemporary style and you are looking for an apron for waiters and waitresses, that is different from the usual models, Hemp-like is the model for you.

The apron is made of an innovative 100% polyester fiber, a resistant and durable material that has the advantage of not having the shiny and synthetic appearance typical of polyester. You can find the Hemp-like apron in two models: Otranto, the apron for men and Alessandria, the apron for women.

Are you looking for waiter’s apron with a sober and elegant style? The Bistro apron is the one that meets your needs. Made of wrinkle-free polyester, it’s resistant to washing and doesn’t require ironing if you let the apron dry without first centrifuged it or squeezed it by hand.

On our website you can choose between different variants of Bistro apron: with round neck or with a pointed neck, long to below the knee or up to above the knee or, again, long without bib. You’ll find different models, for men and women, and also different colors.

  • onyx and pearl aprons

    Onyx and Pearl Aprons

  • nocciola and gianduia aprons

    Nocciola and Gianduia Aprons

Onyx and Pearl, on the other hand, are aprons for waiter and waitress perfect for those who love the elegant and modern style. They are made of wrinkle-free gabardine plus, a resistant and ductile material, resistant even to frequent washing. In addition, they are characterized by the surface processing that gives the material a geometric pattern in relief.

Similar in pattern, style, fabric and durability, are the Nocciola and Gianduia aprons. What differentiates them from the Onyx and Pearl aprons is the embossed geometric motif and the colors with which they are made.

  • metal grey aprons

    Metal Grey Aprons

  • striped and pinstripe waiter aprons

    Striped and Pinstripe Aprons

Is the contemporary and chic style the one that best describes your bar or restaurant? Then the Metal Grey apron will be perfect to communicate sophistication and modernity. You can find it on our website, both in the female version – shorter – and the male version – longer.

The Striped and Pinstripe waiter aprons represent a must have of professional clothing. Elegant and refined, they are perfect for communicating refinement and care. Ideal for the counter, but also used for table service, the striped and pinstriped aprons are available in both men’s and women’s models.

  • denim aprons

    Denim Aprons

  • small bar aprons

    Small Bar Aprons

Are you looking for a perfect apron for a young, lively and modern atmosphere? Then look at the Denim aprons, full of refined details and contemporary cut.

On our website you will also find traditional Small bar aprons with central pocket and minimal style

Are you looking for more? Order the waiter aprons customized with your logo.

All waiter aprons available on our website can be customized with your logo to create a unique and distinctive garment and a strong and recognizable brand image.

Customization is carried out with the embroidery technique, for a prestigious result and to ensure maximum yield to washing.

To request a quote or for more information send us your logo and the apron chosen to our customer service.

In addition to waiter aprons, on our site we also offer a rich selection of jackets and vests for restaurant.

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