Taking care of housekeeping uniform is a fundamental aspect both for the hotel’s reputation and for carry out the work with the best functionality and all possible comfort.

The chambermaid has a fundamental role both in the management of a hotel and in the reputation of the structure.

In fact, the chambermaid guarantees that guests have a comfortable and pleasant experience during their stay in the hotel, that they feel pampered and never abandoned. That’s why her professional role, contact point between guests and hoteliers, is essential. It represents the hotel and guarantees the seriousness and care towards guests.

housekeeping uniforms

The cleanliness of the rooms and common areas is an increasingly important parameter of evaluation by customers and a few negative reviews are enough to compromise the reputation of the hotel.

97% of potential customers decide to change hotel if there are negative reviews about the cleaning service

In this post we’ll understand together:

  • Who’s the chambermaid
  • What she does
  • What features should the housekeeping staff uniform have
  • The types of housekeeping uniforms available

Who’s the chambermaid and what does she do?

The chambermaid takes care of cleaning and restocking the guest rooms, ensuring that they experience their stay in a comfortable environment and that satisfies all customer requests.

Chambermaid’s tasks include:

  • The change of sheets
  • The change of towels
  • The cleaning of the bathrooms
  • The order and the cleanliness of the room in general
  • The supply of consumer products used by customers
  • The verification that the guests have all the services and comfort guaranteed by the hotel


The skills of chambermaid

The chambermaid must be a precise and meticulous professional.

Furthermore, she must be able to work efficiently and quickly because she often has to manage several rooms at a time.

Another important feature of chambermaid is the ability to maintain confidentiality and security of both guests and their personal belongings.

And, again, the chambermaid must have a good problem-solving skill, because she must be able to solve any problems and unforeseen events that may arise while carrying out her work.

Chambermaid’s uniform: the 6 features it must have

Comfort, safety and hygiene are essential for chambermaid’s work uniforms. In fact, their tasks require cleanliness, comfort, ease and functionality.

Here are the 6 main features that the housekeeping work uniforms must have:

  • Comfort: the uniform must be comfortable because the chambermaids must move continuously and nimbly. In addition, they often have to bend or kneel and have to clean even hard to reach areas.
  • Durability: the housekeeping uniform must be easy to wash and must be made of a durable, quality, as well as comfortable fabric. This is because it’s important that it can be worn for a long time without becoming dirty or even faded or worn.
  • Breathability: the uniform must be breathable to guarantee the necessary comfort even during the hottest days.
  • Professionalism: the housekeeping uniform must be looked after and with a pleasant design. In addition is fundamental that it communicates and reflects the professionalism of both the hotel and the staff working there.
  • Identification: the professional uniform must be customized with a label or a logo that identifies the hotel and its staff.
  • Safety: the housekeeping uniform must be designed to avoid accidents at work. Think, for example, of elements that can easily come off or get caught, thus becoming an unexpected danger.

Professional work uniforms equipped with these features help chambermaid to carry out their work efficiently, safely and comfortably.

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The types of housekeeping uniforms

Our company produces housekeeping uniforms made in Italy able to respond to different needs.

  • serena series

    Serena series

  • greta dresses

    Greta series

  • melania series

    Melania series

The coats and tunics of Serena line are perfect for everyday tasks. Comfortable and practical, they are treated in every detail. You can discover the Serena series here.

If you are looking for more elegant and refined professional clothing for chambermaids, you will love the Greta series.

Also the dresses of the Melania series are really chic: sophisticated, elegant and refined. Here you can find the dress and also the version with tunic and trousers.

  • rebecca series

    Rebecca series

  • annalisa series

    Annalisa series

  • white waist aprons

    White waist aprons

The Rebecca series guarantees maximum comfort with its refined dresses, with apron and with big wide pleat to facilitate movements without uncovering legs.

Perfect for the turndown service is the Annalisa series, with its dresses in lightweight Gabardine cotton blend, with round or shawl neckline, with short or three-quarter sleeves.

Finally, as necessary accessories, the White waist aprons to match with the coats and dresses proposed in the other categories of Housekeeping, where there is no coordinated apron.

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