Reception uniforms for hotel are an integral part of the hotel’s image. In addition, is essential that they make people feel comfortable while they work. For this reason, is important that front office uniforms you choose for your hotel are professional and carefully chosen.

To each job his professional uniform

The hotel is a complex organization, in which each professional figure has specific and different tasks. Take into account this specificity is essential when you choose the work uniforms for your staff.

This because a room attendant will have different duties, requirements and needs of representation than a receptionist or a porter or, again, the housekeeper or the hotel doorman.

Each professional has his role and the chosen reception uniform must consider this both for functionality needs and the type of image that communicates to the hotel’s guests.

The advantages of professional reception uniforms

Why is so important to have a professional and, even better, customized reception uniform for your hotel?

These are the advantages that work uniforms guarantee you.

1. Professional reception uniforms communicate your brand

The style of reception uniforms, the material, the colors and the customizations: all contribute to communicate your brand and your reputation.

And all contribute to build the image of your hotel as it is perceived by both customers and potential customers.

Work uniforms enhance the reputation and the image of your brand. And they do it immediately, with a visual communication tool.

2. Professional reception uniforms are an internal communication tool

Professional clothing is a powerful tool of internal communication: it promotes the sense of belonging of employees to the hotel and the creation of a solid community.

And the community is what makes a company strong, even and especially in the long run.

3. Professional clothing is amplifier of recognizability and remembrance

The fact that all the staff who work in the hotel wear a receptionist uniform easily recognizable and branded with the hotel logo translates into a powerful advantage for your hotel.

This ploy submits people to continuous and repeated visual stimuli and this constant frequency favor the memorization and remembrance of your brand.

4. Reception uniforms communicate professionalism

When all the staff who work in the hotel wear an unvarying reception uniform, what you immediately communicate to people is a feeling of professionalism and safety.

5. Simplify the recognition of the hotel staff

A hotel is a place in which so many people are always around, for this reason in essential to make sure that staff members are easily recognizable and immediately distinguishable from customers.

In this way you obtain two valuable advantages:

  • You facilitate the work of the staff
  • You put your customers at ease as they will always and easily know where to turn

6. With reception uniforms your hotel and service are perceived to be of higher quality

All advantages you have read so far contribute to determinate the perception of the quality that your hotel and service offer.

Use a professional reception uniform allows you to work on the positioning you occupy in people’s mind and on the perceived value. This has positive effects on sales, on customer loyalty and also on the rates you can ask for.

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A reception uniform for every need

When you choose the reception uniform most suitable for your staff you must consider two essential factors:

  • The identity and the image of your brand
  • The specific needs of working people

Corbara offers you many different types of reception uniforms for hotel that satisfy different needs. Thanks to this large assortment/selection you can find exactly what is right for you

Among the different options of receptionist uniforms, we report 4:

1st proposal, the best seller: the slim fit series in blue and black

  • deep blue slim-fit Front Desk Uniforms
  • This line of work uniforms for the front office stands out for the modern slim fit style.

    The tight fit and the use of slightly stretch fabric makes these garments comfortable, elegant and modern.

    The slim fit series of front office uniforms is made of stretch wool blend (60% Wool, 38% Pol., 2% Eol.)  a pleasant fabric to wear and soft to the touch. In this line the quality and comfort of pure wool meets the durability of synthetic fiber for a perfect result.

    The advantages of the slim fit series are:

    • The comfort
    • The durability
    • The excellent fit
    • The modern and elegant aesthetic
    • The made in Italy

    Slim fit reception uniforms are available in two colors:

2nd proposal, more traditional: the Lightweight wool series

  • front office garments in Anthracite Grey
  • The lightweight wool line of reception uniforms for hotel is perfect for hotels that want communicate a more formal and refined image.

    The garments of this line are made of lightweight pure virgin wool, a four-season fabric that makes them comfortable throughout the year, both in summer and winter.

    The advantages of the lightweight wool line are:

    • The adaptability of garments to all seasons
    • The comfort
    • The durability
    • The excellent fit
    • The refined and more traditional aesthetic
    • The made in Italy

    The reception uniforms in fresh wool are available in three colors:

3rd proposal, the classic of class: the Lightweight Wool Morning Dress

  • Morning Dress Recption uniforms
  • If you’re looking for a reception uniform perfect for a 5 star hotel that wants to communicate class, refinement and elegance, this line is perfect for your needs.

    The garments of the Morning Dress line are lined and made of lightweight pure virgin wool. The production is semi-sartorial of high quality, perfect for an elegant and stylish reception uniform.

    The advantages of lightweight wool Morning Dress series are:

    • The semi tailoring of the garments
    • The elegant and classy style
    • The comfort
    • The durability
    • The excellent fit
    • The made in Italy


    Watch the reception lightweight wool Morning Dress here.

4th proposal, the most modern: the City Stretch series

  • reception suits City Stretch series in the new Windsor Blue colour
  • If your hotel is characterized by a more modern style and a fresh and smart image, this line of reception uniforms for hotels is perfect to satisfy your needs.

    This work uniforms are characterized by the modern design and the slim and comfort fit. They are made of stretch polyviscose, a lightweight and soft to touch fabric (65% polyester, 30% viscose and 5% elastic fiber).

    The advantages of City Stretch series are:

    • The modern style
    • The slim fit
    • The comfort
    • The durability
    • The made in Italy

    The reception uniform of city stretch line is available in two colors:

Reception uniforms for hotel Corbara: your choice

As you have noticed if you have come here, Corbara hotel front office uniforms allow you to choose the most suitable garments to satisfy your needs.

In addition, they guarantee another important advantage: the continuity of garments over time, so that you can safeguard your investments and the needs you may have in the future.

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